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One Year Post Hysterectomy!

It has been one year since I had a hysterectomy. While I wish I could say that it was a breeze, that would not be a complete truth. It was hard, not all physically, but still. It was a hard decision to make. It was a turbulent recovery. I’m still recovering. What have I learned in the year? ·          Most men have NO clue what happens inside of a woman’s body when it comes to reproducing. It has been hilarious. Discussing why I no longer have a menstrual cycle and why I can no longer carry babies should earn me a certification in Human Biology. ·          More women than you would ever know suffer from reproductive issues. Fibroids run rampant in the African American community. Still no clue as to why. ·          Birth control can mask health issues. Birth control can make some health issues worse. ·          Sometimes you have to take off that cape. People are willing to help in many situations…us “strong” people just need to learn to ASK AND ACCEPT the help. ·          I