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I Almost Forgot About You

It has been over 7 months since I had my hysterectomy. I'll be honest, it is a part of my womanhood that I am not sad to have gone. No, I can't have any more babies the traditional way, but I'm finally getting to a place that I am OK with that. 

The road hasn't been easy emotionally for me. But physically I feel AMAZING! I sometimes feel my ovaries working, but there is no pain. I still have slight mood swings and cravings around the time I would normally have a cycle, but it's not every month. Did I mention I'm no longer in pain? I can't describe how amazing it feels! 

I definitely DO NOT miss having a monthly cycle! AT. ALL! I could end the post here.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend and it made me think back to all of the issues I've had over my life. I didn't connect all of the dots until AFTER I had the hysterectomy.

1. I have ALWAYS had issues with birth control. Pills, depo, Mirena, Nexplanon, hell I was using the NuvaRing when I got pregnant (but I didn't know it came out *facepalm*). Think of the side effects, then magnify them by 100. 

2. Irregular bleeding. This was typically when I WAS USING BIRTH CONTROL. No doctor EVER checked to see why this was happening. It was always out of the blue with no other symptoms and would sometimes last FOR WEEKS! The "solution" was always to try a different birth control method. Nothing ever worked longer than a year to control the bleeding.

3. Painful periods. As my adenomyosis progressed, this became unbearable. I literally would be bedridden for at least 3 days. 

4. My daughter's low birth weight. She was tiny y'all. Some of it is genetics, but as I have conducted research, my scarred uterus probably wouldn't let her grow to her full potential. 

If you have issues, never stop advocating for yourself. If the doctors won't listen, FIND A NEW DOCTOR! I had issues with male doctors not believing me. Then I found one that did and the good ole Army ended gynecologic services at my treatment facility and I had to start over. I ended up with an AMAZING doctor who didn't make me fight with her. She believed me and truly wanted me to feel better and I do! 

I am still finding pads and tampons in the most random of places. I guess by the time I hit my 1 year anniversary I will have located and gifted them all to those who still need them. I'm not mad that I no longer need them. My ovaries are still producing eggs, so if push came to shove, I could still have a biological child via surrogate...but for now I'm good! 

Also, a lot of men don't understand the anatomy of women's reproductive organs. Trying to explain a hysterectomy to some of my guy friends has been a lot of nodding and waving. It's been hysterical and jarring at the same time. 

Sending you all happy and healthy vibes!




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