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Take Care of Yourself!

I just wanted to drop in and check on y'all. How are y'all doing? I'm stressed TF out.  Why? This election. Life. Covid. Kids back in school. I have go back to work. Shit is real right now! Just in case you needed it, I wanted to remind you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF ! Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.  I want to remind you that you do NOT have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.  You are important! Whatever (healthy) thing it is that you need to do to be ok, DO THAT! Exercise, setup a virtual happy hour with your friends, go to therapy, pray, meditate, love on your family, step away from the news and/or social media, do whatever it takes to keep your mind on the right side of happy.  We are NOT living in a normal time. With so much to be worried or stressed about, find a moment to steal away and take care of yourself. You deserve it! And yes, I'm trying to take my own advice! On a much lighter note , someone thought it not robbery to inc