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3 Week Post Hysterectomy Update

Today marks three weeks since I had my hysterectomy. Weeks one and two were a breeze to me. I felt good, I was moving around without any problems. I was most likely doing absolutely too much. Week three is proving to be not so nice. I’ve been achy. I’ve been tired. I’ve been emotional. My boobs hurt. I have however, been sleeping better (thank God!). I just wanted to give a little update on the things that have really helped me this far. Every person is different, so what worked for me may not work for you. I’m not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat any condition…these are just things I found to be helpful. These are not affiliate links (I won't make any money if you buy from these links).

Toilet Stool - I already had these in all of my bathrooms. It is VERY helpful with encouraging things to get moving.

Peppermint Tea - helped me more than gas pills. 

Lavender and Chamomile Tea - I drink it at night to help me relax and wind down.

Heating Pad - the bigger the better.

Pregnancy Pillow - I borrowed this one from a friend. It helped when I couldn't lay flat or on my side. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser - I use lavender and chamomile oils in mine. Tonight I'll try a sample of Serenity from DoTERRA. 

Water. Water. And more water! - drink all the water. Staying hydrated is so important to your healing body!

Walking - I started walking the same day I came home from the hospital. Listen to your body. If I don't feel up to it, I just walk around the house. Otherwise, I walk around the block. Walking also helps to move the gas. You don't want that gas getting trapped in your shoulders (if it does end up there, use a heating pad and gas pills).

Healthy Snacks - my appetite is a see saw. The first week I had lots of help with meals and food prep. It was great, except I didn't really eat much. My appetite still isn't back - and I'm not mad at that. But when I do eat, all I want is junk food. I need to chill on the junk! I ordered some healthier snacks so I wouldn't just pick up candy and ice cream. I got guacamole and carrots, popcorn, pickles, and some lemons to flavor all the water I've been drinking. Cherries have been my favorite snack. I've eaten my weight in cherries. I also got fruit cups because I wasn't eating the fresh fruit fast enough.

I suffered from insomnia for the first two and a half weeks. My doctor prescribed me a little estrogen to see if my hormones needed balancing. I'm not sure if that changed anything, but week 3 I am sleeping better than I was. 

I think I've watched all of the TV. I can't really focus to read books. My days consist of me moving back and forth between the bed and recliner and lots of flipping through channels. I'm not a napper, so I can't nap during the day even though I would LOVE to take a nap. My daughter also refuses to leave me alone so getting up to make sure she has what she needs keeps me moving a bit. She is the perfect little nurse and she makes sure I'm not doing anything I'm not supposed to. 

I'm constantly having to remind myself that I had a major surgery and that it is OK for me to rest and let my body heal. I feel like I'm always supposed to be doing something. That is probably why this week has been so rough for me. I'm listening to my body and taking it easy. I hope you all are well!




  1. Take care! I hope things are improving!

    1. Thank you! Things are getting better day by day!


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