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3 Week Post Hysterectomy Update

Today marks three weeks since I had my hysterectomy. Weeks one and two were a breeze to me. I felt good, I was moving around without any problems. I was most likely doing absolutely too much. Week three is proving to be not so nice. I’ve been achy. I’ve been tired. I’ve been emotional. My boobs hurt. I have however, been sleeping better (thank God!). I just wanted to give a little update on the things that have really helped me this far. Every person is different, so what worked for me may not work for you. I’m not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat any condition…these are just things I found to be helpful. These are not affiliate links (I won't make any money if you buy from these links). Toilet Stool  - I already had these in all of my bathrooms. It is VERY helpful with encouraging things to get moving. Peppermint Tea  - helped me more than gas pills.  Lavender and Chamomile Tea  - I drink it at night to help me relax and wind down. Heating Pad  - the bigger the better.

Juneteenth and Vegan Hotdogs

I won't get into the history of Juneteenth. You have probably seen loads of information played on repeat for the last few days. But if not, check out and do some learning. Some of us have celebrated and some are just learning about the importance of Juneteenth. Blackness has been magnified this year. I am not mad. I love the episode of Black-ish dedicated to Juneteenth...go watch it. It's season 4, episode 1. You're welcome. My family has never celebrated. This year we changed that. I want these children to know ALL of their history. That won't happen in K-12 in South Carolina. I am a witness to that. I'm still recovering from surgery and Covid-19 is escalating higher than it ever has here, but I needed this family time more than I even knew. It was good to be with my people, especially the babies! I did entirely too much and I am paying for it today, but I don't have a single regret. I made shirts for those interested (not smart to do last mi

My Hysterectomy Journey

This past Thursday I had a hysterectomy. Single. 36. One kid. I spoke briefly about my diagnosis with adenomyosis here . Through all of this, from listening to other women and their suffering, I know how incredibly fortunate I am. I had my uterus, cervix, and tubes removed, and kept my ovaries. While I have been dealing with issues relating to this for years (undiagnosed), my troubles have not always been so bad. From diagnosis to hysterectomy for me was 6 months. I know this is not the case for many women. This was not an easy decision for me to make. In fact, even now, I am still dealing with the emotional aspects of giving up a tremendous part of womanhood. It’s done. There is no changing it. And yes, I’m still a woman. I overall don’t regret it. I am already relieved from the pain I was constantly in. At six days post operation, I am feeling pretty good! The strong pain medicines (oxycodone and morphine) didn’t help with the initial “I got an organ removed” pains. I stayed over