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My Favorite Fake Holiday

Yes, I know Cinco de Mayo was 10 days ago, but I need to write this post anyway! Honestly, the days are blurring together. If it weren't for my child having to do school work every day, I would be completely lost! Our Cinco de Mayo celebration was totally different this year. It fell on a TUESDAY. TACO TUESDAY and Cinco de Mayo and we couldn't party! Also, I know this is a made up holiday - likely by an American who loves tacos and tequila - just like me.  My crew and I did a Zoom celebration so that we could still celebrate together, but y'all it was not the same! My food and drinks were tasty but there was no pin the tail on the donkey, there was no pinata, and there were no copious shots of tequila.  However, I created a feast that rivals any other year. And I also had Facebook remind me that I had never shared a beloved punch I'll do that too. This was my Cinco de Mayo charcuterie board, if you will. I had the works! I made a modified version of Damn Del