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Covid-19 Update 100

COVID-19 and how we are doing.

There isn't much happiness associated with it Covid-19. Most of us are stressed out for various reasons. For some, it's because we are "stuck" in the house. For others, it's because we can't find the balance of taking care of ourselves mentally because we feel like we have to be doing SOMETHING. Some of us have families that are driving us insane. Some of us have loved ones that are ill and we can't visit them. Some of us have family members that have passed away and can't give them the homegoing they deserve. Some of us are home alone and miss having human contact. Some of us have no issue at all being told to stay home. Some of us are essential and really risking it all so that others can have the care and/or service they need (y'all are the real MVPs and we can never express the magnitude of our gratitude). This list could go on forever. My heart sincerely goes out to the homeless and to those who have lost their jobs during this pandemic.

For me personally, my biggest struggle has been getting my child to do her schoolwork. I haven't found a method that works. I've tried schedules and I've tried no schedule. I've tried doing the work early in the day, and later in the evening. I'm not skipping days. I'm trying to avoid us having to play catch up at all costs. Once she gets out her tears and frustrations of not liking her new teacher, she breezes through the work. It's the tears that are driving us both insane. This takes more time than it does to actually get the work done. I'm trying to figure out how to get her to understand that once the work is done, the rest of the day is hers. Her brain hasn't registered that yet, regardless of how many times I say it. Her teacher has been a rockstar!  Have we all realized that these kids aren't going back to school this school year?

I think the government knows that asses will be shown if they tell us we are going to be practicing social distancing until August AT LEAST. So they are giving it to us in 30 day doses. That's what I think anyway. Y'all stay inside as much as you can so we can flatten this curve and get back to some form of normalcy!

I've been trying to limit going out as much as humanly possible. Especially since we fall in higher risk category. We are both social beings and miss our people. Like for real, we miss y'all! My name is Ronisha and I miss warm adult hugs! I've been using InstaCart...and feeling kind of guilty about it. We've ordered curbside food a few times because, honestly, I get tired of cooking so much. We are eating all of the snacks. All of them. I'm out of my favorite cookies so I'm going to bake something similar. Maybe.

Essentials. Can y'all chill on buying ALL the toilet paper so those of us that actually need it can at least get a 12 pack? Seriously. If you are down to your last roll, raise your hand...

Overall, I am enjoying spending time with my kid. It is allowing me to really get to know her. She is an interesting little being. She loves to dance, but hates when people watch her...unless she is video chatting with you and screaming at Alexa to play a specific song (which Alexa can barely understand her snaggle-toothed demands) so she can show her non-rhythmic moves. I'm going to get the girl in somebody's dance school. Whether she likes it or not. She also loves math, but on her own terms. She loves reading, but does NOT like writing. At all.

I don't think I've ever seen the sky bluer. Or maybe I haven't taken enough time to notice the sky? Maybe we should order a telescope? We probably shouldn't. I'm trying to find the silver linings. We are doing pretty good, all things considered. We aren't bored. We aren't hungry. We are healthy.

I'm working on one thing at a time. My mission for next week is to drink more water. What's yours?

Later Gaters!


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