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Social Distancing 2020

In the time of a novel virus we have been tasked with flattening the curve. Have we all seen Contagion (2011)? I just watched it for the first time yesterday. Whether or not it was a good idea is still to be determined. Social distancing is how we flatten the curve.

I was talking to an associate who seemed to be asking to come and wait this thing out at my house but without actually asking. If I'm being honest, if I weren't me, I would want to be at my house too. However, my daughter and I are in the high risk category and I'm not willing to risk our health. We have not yet started to experience cabin fever and I think that is 100% because of the amount of snacking we are doing. We are eating all the snacks!

From the conversation though, I started to think about the reasons I don't really want to share our space, with our health being at the forefront. Before you invite yourself to be socially distant at someone else's home, take these things into consideration:

  • Bring your own food/snacks. That "friend" probably didn't shop for an extra mouth. They probably didn't shop enough for the mouths they are responsible for. ASK before you just eat their rations.
  • Bring your own toiletries. This includes soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. 
  • BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER! The struggle has been real to find it in stores. Toilet paper deserves it's own bullet.
  • Respect their house rules. If their kids go to bed at 9, don't disrupt their normal pattern.
  • Respect their space. They have been nice enough to let you move in for 14+ days. If they are having alone time, let them be alone.
  • Help out around the house. Wash the dishes, disinfect the counters, and definitely clean up after yourself.
  • If they want you to leave, LEAVE.
I'm an introverted extrovert. I have not minded being home. I also only just got a moment to relax today. If a friend is truly in need, I wouldn't necessarily shut them out, but I also recognize what my limits are. We are not used to having long term company and having someone unfamiliar sharing our space during a mandatory social isolation probably wouldn't be in anyone's best interest. Also, I'm occasionally working from home AND making a valid attempt at homeschooling. 

If you are alone, we are more than happy to FaceTime or chat through Messenger with you. I mean, we aren't total meanies! I hope you all are staying sane, keeping your brains exercised, not forgetting to get up and move, and eating yummy snacks. I'm working my hardest not to gain 10 pounds! But also, I'm eating cookies.

The only way we can really have a fighting chance at stopping this thing is to practice social distancing to prevent the spread. We don't really know how long it will take to flatten the curve of Covid-19. Remember to keep yourselves safe, healthy, and sane. Follow the orders of your local government. Wash your hands, and stop touching your face!



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