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A Quick Trip to Disney World!


I do not recommend doing this! This will be a long, probably too detailed post. The links in this post are not affiliate links.

Last month, I took Baby Magic on a quick trip to Disney World. Why was it a quick trip? She has/had a thing about people in costumes with heads...think Mickey and Minnie. Those types of costumes. We can't even go to Chuck E. Cheese's. Granted, the new Chuck is a bit creepy.

Trinity's first trip to Disney World!
For Christmas, I gave her tickets to Disney. If you follow my personal page on IG (@everybody_loves_ro) you most likely saw this video and chuckled a bit at her saying she doesn't think she's "quite ready" for the trip. She was not at all excited. In fact, she asked me to cancel the trip and take her to the movies. Sigh.

The time finally came and she seemed more excited to go. We went over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

We drove down on Friday, planned to be at Magic Kingdom all day Saturday, and would have breakfast and leave on Sunday. Monday would be our day to rest and recover. In all honesty, it took me about two weeks to recover! This was too short of a timeline. I should have stayed at least an extra day so the hours of driving weren't so harsh on my body!

Preparing to Go
We drove from South Carolina to Orlando. I carefully planned snacks and entertainment. I purchased a headrest mount for her tablet, made sure I had sufficient power for the tablet and my phone, and made sure she had headphones. Her tablet has a data plan. It makes my life easier. I also had backup headphones because I refused to listen to annoying music/tv shows the entire ride. We have Netflix, Hulu, and her beloved YouTube Kids. That was more than enough for the ride. For myself, I made a few playlists on Apple Music and had a few Podcasts to listen to. My backup was audio books, but I'm not an attentive book listener.

Snacks. Snacks are important. We had separate snack crates. I filled hers with things she loves (cheese crackers, gummy candies, plain M&Ms, chips, Slim Jims, fruit cups). My crate had almond M&Ms, veggie straws, gummy candies, hot chips (to eat when I needed to be more alert). We also had water, sports drinks, and I had caffeinated drinks.

I was also sure to pack toilet seat covers for when we needed to stop (she can't quite hover yet), hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, a change of clothes for both of us that was not in our suitcase (just in case), a roll of paper towels, a few trash bags, facial tissue, and a small first aid kit. She had a small pillow and blanket and one of her favorite dolls. I also packed coloring books, crayons and a notebook for doodling for her.

Preparing for the Park
Florida is notorious for sudden downpours, so I was sure to pack ponchos. I also had snacks for us to take inside of the park with us, things that would not melt and had protein. We also took water bottles with the plan to refill them, however, the water in Florida does not agree with my taste buds so I ended up paying for the bottled water. This was not negotiable for us. I took a backpack to carry all of our stuff. I packed an extra pair of socks for each of us in case our feet got wet or sweaty. I carried the toilet seat covers, hand sanitizer, mini first aid kit, and disinfectant wipes (travel pack) with us. I placed everything in zip bags, in case of rain, or water from Splash Mountain (which was actually closed). I made us matching t-shirts and we wore leggings and comfortable shoes (this is a must). It was warm, but we had light jackets in the book bag-that we didn't end up needing.

Character Autographs
Your kids will want them. Be prepared! I have seen tons of great ideas! Some suggestions are: a photo mat that the characters can sign, autograph books, t-shirts, and the list goes on. I chose to make a canvas bag and use fabric markers. Sharpies would have worked better. We ended up using a fast pass to meet Ariel. The lines can be so LONG for the character meetings. I did not have activities for standing in line, but we survived!

The Rides
To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed in the rides. There weren't many. Baby Magic noticed this too and told me that she prefers to go to Carowinds! I was really laid back about planning this trip because I wasn't sure she was actually going to like it. So, I didn't plan our fast passes until about a week before we were going. Don't be like me. You can plan the passes 60 days in advance. I recommend trying to use one for the Seven Dwarfs ride because that line was always insane. We did not ride it. I refused to wait over two hours, which it was always at least that much of a wait. Some rides didn't interest us and others we rode more than once. That will be a personal preference. Pack your patience.

We stayed at Shades of Green, which is a military resort. For the short time we were there, this was fine. The next time we go back, I will most likely rent a place. It will make for easier meals. I also like to get to my room quickly when I need to. This property is pretty big and didn't allow for that. I didn't enjoy paying so much for food. Shades of Green is a bit outdated, but it was clean and comfortable. I did appreciate the PX that was inside of the resort. It came in handy. They had a few separate pool areas that seemed really nice. We didn't get a chance to use them, mostly because I was spent. There were plenty of restaurant options on the property. We ventured out into Orlando a little to do some sight seeing.

Getting Around
On Friday afternoon, we took a shuttle to Disney Springs. It was a little cool, so we didn't hang around too long. We ate at Guy Fieri's Chicken Guy restaurant. It was good, but an hour later we were hungry.
On Saturday morning, we hitched a golf cart ride to the edge of the property, walked across the street to the Polynesian and caught the train. From what I've heard, it is much easier to catch the train. You go through security before you get on and then you just scan your tickets/wristbands and enter the park. It was faster than the shuttle bus. The walk back seemed really long though! And Baby Magic hit her $14 balloon on the edge of the gate and poked a hole in it.

Overall, my kid enjoyed the trip. She was a trooper and did not whine too much. She even stayed awake the entire ride down and the entire ride back, which surprised me. I would not recommend such a fast turn around unless you are used to driving that much. I am not, and have no plans to do it again. We stayed in the park about 8 hours before her legs turned into noodles and she was ready to go. The plan was to go to the pool and relax, but once I sat down it was game over for me. I ended up taking her to the PX and letting her buy a toy to make up for it. I know, horrible of me. I can't wait to go back and enjoy more of the parks and activities. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't really plan it out well. Now I have a general understanding of what we need to do for the next time and will plan accordingly.

I'd be remissed not to mention the act of kindness that was shown to us. On our way back from Disney Springs, we met two couples on the bus. We chatted about where we were from and military affiliations, your usual chatter. So they asked me if I would be getting the princess makeover for Baby Magic and I said no. I don't know if they thought I couldn't afford it or if they really wanted to do something nice. I lean toward they really wanted to do something nice. After a little back and forth about it, they decided they were going to do this for her. Our resort offered it in the salon, but by the time we got back the salon was closed. I hadn't planned to do this because it took up a good bit of time that we really didn't have. After their offering I said okay, we will do it. We couldn't get it booked in the salon, so they found us and gave us money to do it at the park. Well, the park option has to be booked WELL in advance. I was able to call the salon at our resort to schedule it for the Sunday we were leaving. This act of kindness caught me off guard but I was sure to let the couples know that we appreciated it. There are still nice people in the world.

The makings of a Princess! But don't call her Princess!

What are your tips and tricks for visiting Disney World? I'd love to know!



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