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Garlic Butter Steak Bites

Have you ever seen a recipe pop up in an ad or be so random in your social media feed that it catches your eye? That happens to me every time I say I want a steak. I'm not playing. Every. Single. Time. I've been cutting back on pork and beef, so when I crave it, I tend to go for it. I like to say that my body is trying to tell me I need some nutrient from it, but the truth is I LOVE STEAK. Usually when I crave pork it's bacon that I want. BACOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!!! This recipe for Garlic Steak Bites keeps showing up in my Pinterest feed. Like every time I log in. Picture from My Incredible Recipes I decided to make it. I wasn't terribly disappointed. Mine looks nothing like the picture in the original post. It hardly ever does. You never know what goes on in recipe development and the photography of it. Trickery. Just kidding, I'm sure this author's food is always as amazing as i