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Happy Accidents: Banana Pudding Edition

Hey friends!

It is seeming like Summer will never end here in Sunny South Carolina! We are having record breaking temperatures and it is October!

Fall is my absolute favorite season, but it may be Winter before we see any temperature changes! The things I love about fall are soups, leaves changing colors, and boots and scarves! I'm still wearing flip flops!

Over the weekend, I had a really strong craving for banana pudding. I went to the store (without checking my cabinets) and grabbed what I thought I needed to make Jocelyn's Banana Pudding. When Sunday night rolled around and I got up the energy to make it, I discovered that the sweetened condensed milk in my cabinet had been expired for over a year! This is one of the ways I disappoint myself often. I need to schedule twice a year cabinet clean out!

All hope was not lost. I had a can of Dulce de Leche...actually 3 cans. Don't ask me why, I have never used it before! I had already began mixing the milk and pudding so there was no turning back. I opened a can and said a small prayer that I wasn't wasting ingredients. I did not waste a single ingredient! IT WAS SO GOOD!

It is MUCH sweeter than your traditional banana pudding, so plan your sugar intake accordingly. When I gave myself a good scoop, I felt like it was missing something. So, I added pecans and let me tell you, it was an absolute win!

Caramel Banana Pudding

2 (small) boxes of instant vanilla pudding (I used sugar-free French Vanilla)
3 cups milk (I used whole)1 can dulce de leche1 8 oz container of Cool Whip Free (thawed)Vanilla Wafers - as much as you like (I used about 2/3 of a box of mini Nilla wafers)Bananas - as many as you like (I used 3 regular sized bananas)
*Optional - toasted pecan pieces

Mix pudding with 3 cups of milk. Add sweetened dulce de leche and mix well. Fold in whipped topping until. Layer as follows:

-          cookies
-          bananas
-          pudding mixture

Repeat layers until all ingredients have been used. I usually make this in a rectangle Pyrex baking dish that has a cover. It makes 2 good layers. Your layers will depend on the size of the dish you are using. This recipe doubles easily.

I like to crumble a few cookies on top for presentation. If using pecans, sprinkle them on top.

Refrigerate until set - (if you use cold ingredients, you can eat immediately). 

If you make this, please tell me if you like it or not!

I had to get the pan out of my house. My coworkers approve. It has been called a "next level dessert" and my heart smiles.

This is what I used!



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