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See Some Mexico!

Hey friends! I was blessed this year to be able to go to Mexico (before my passport expires)! So, I had never stayed at an all inclusive resort. I have been to a few places, but our norm has been to rent a place. Someone usually ends up cooking and doing things not conducive to RELAXING. We took a girl's trip to an all adult, all inclusive resort. Let me tell you! I ate all of the food and I drank all of the drinks! It was such a beautiful and relaxing time! Can you imagine just sitting out by the pool all day and being waited on hand and foot? We did it! And I want to do it again! I will do it again! I didn't know how bad I needed to unwind until I got the opportunity to do so! Remember to take care of yourselves friends! We stayed at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort . The only downside to this trip was that we could not swim (and I use that term loosely) at the beach due to erosion. There was a lifeguard on duty to make sure no one went out too far, but