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Festival of Friends

Friendsgiving. Friendsmas. Whatever you want to call it, we should celebrate our friendships. Not just around the holidays, but all year long. We all are busy. We all have lives outside of each other. We have to maintain good friendships though. We have to take a break from the busyness of life and take moments to unwind and enjoy each other's company. Otherwise, we lose touch. Our friendships falter. We go too long without seeing each other and we fall into a territory that is no longer a friendship. Let's not do that. Relationships are meant to be cherished. And adults need to do some adulting! LOL My friends and I have always loved to eat. Always. Now we are coming to terms with having to add exercising into that's hard. But we love us some good food. And we love enjoying good food with one another. Good food, good wine, good company. One of our latest gatherings centered around crablegs that were being stored in my deep freezer. So we figured we would

Cream of the Corn

Comfort foods warm the soul. That's why we call them comfort foods right? They relax you, they put you in a better mood, they are delicious. In my struggle with loving good food, I find that some battles I'm just not meant to win. Creamed Corn is one of those battles. I'm not talking about the canned stuff that you have to mix with a can of whole kernel corn so you can eat it either. Don't act like you like that stuff out of a can! I'm talking easy, homemade, full of love. So easy, a person that thinks they can't cook can do it. Here, I made it for a crowd. The hardest part about this is sauteing the veggies. A quick search for creamed corn will yield you tons of results. I'll explain what I did. This makes enough to feed a small army. Cut the recipe in half if you like, but everyone will want seconds or thirds. Crockpot Creamed Corn Ingredients 1 small onion - diced 1/2 of a green bell pepper - diced 3 cloves of garlic - chopped

New Traditions

Food, Family, and Fun! My family is not one for much change. I say this because every year, almost every holiday, we have the exact same meal. While I always enjoy it, sometimes I like to switch it up. I'll make things that are not traditional for us. The first reaction is always a side-eye. My mom and/or my younger sister will try it first. Always. Based on their initial taste reaction, everyone else will maybe try it. Once they realize they like it, I always get asked to make it (hello corn pudding and tomato pie ).  I remember one year we did breakfast for dinner and an hour later everyone was starving! I'm sure this has something to do with the reason they don't want to change things up! This year, however, I made a few dishes that were to remain at my own home. Mainly because I knew we were going to the movies and I would not be in the mood to fix plates to go. So I made a turkey (using Alton Brown's recipe ),  pressure cooker collard greens , and something ne

Long Live the Tooth Fairy!

Baby Magic has lost her first tooth! It seems like it took forever! About a year ago the dentist told me the two bottom teeth were loosening. She was so excited to loose a tooth! The adult tooth is about halfway in already. How did she lose it? I forced her to eat a pear. I was tired of her sticking her hands in her mouth, even though the dentist encouraged wiggling it. Her hand stayed in her mouth, clean or not. So, I told her to eat a pear. You would have thought the world ended and began all at the same time. The blood freaked her out, but she was so excited that the tooth fairy would be paying her a visit. We made sure to get all of the blood out of her mouth by rinsing with warm water and then a kid friendly, alcohol free mouthwash. Then we brushed the tooth. I used a little peroxide to get the blood off of it. Then we stuck it in a little tiny baggy and placed it in the tooth fairy pillow I made for her. I hung the pillow next to her bed so that I wouldn't wake her.

Creed 2 - Movie Review

Image courtesy of Google. A little over three years ago I was anticipating the release of Creed. I remember trying to borrow all of the Rocky movies from the library and watch them in order so that I would be "ready." Then I found out most of them were on Netflix and wanted to kick myself. I. Watched. All. Of. The. Rocky. Movies. I fell in love with them again. Mostly 1-4, but still. Then on Thanksgiving Day, my family and I went to the movies to see Creed. Now, they didn't binge the movies with me, but they were here for the movie. Michael B. Jordan. I love him. I loved him then, I love him still. I posted pictures from our Thanksgiving adventure this year to Instagram and was met with many opinions. But you know what they say about opinions... I enjoyed the movie. I know that the storyline was almost identical to when Rocky fought Drago. I didn't care. These were different actors and there were different elements. Kind of. This one was full of daddy is