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Nobody's Fool - Movie Review

I must first give a disclaimer. Well several. 1. I'm not the biggest fan of Tyler Perry creations. 2. There will be spoilers in this post, so if you plan on seeing this movie, you may not want to read this just yet. Ok, now that's out of the way. The first time I saw the trailer for this I was iffy about whether or not I actually wanted to see the movie. I was sold once I saw Omari Hardwick though. {Insert Swoons} The movie started out slow for me. I was annoyed with what I will call over-acting. The first 15 minutes of this movie annoyed me. Scratch that. A lot of the acting in this movie was  horrible. The jailhouse parking lot sex scene was absurd and too over the top for me. It took a while for this movie to come together. Omari Hardwick is fine. Did I say that already? Sheesh. I would buy another ticket just to see him in all of his glory. Omari's character was believable. And fine. Dang there I go again. You love him in this movie. You have no choice but to l

A Cheap Eat

Hey y'all! I've mentioned before that my family gets together every 4th Sunday of the month for family dinner. We love this time. Although time is usually not respected. Someone is always late. Always. Even though dinner is scheduled for the same time every time. Still. This past Sunday, my older sister cooked on the grill. I was undecided about what to bring, and I was a little short on cash. In case you didn't know, my family is huge. My mom birthed 6 kids. My eldest brother is deceased. That leaves 5 children. Among those, there are marriages, relationships, kids, and kids' kids. It's. A. Lot. Of. Us. All of us have our quirks and things we don't like to eat. It's not just the little kids. Us bigger kids are picky at times too. Anyway, I was trying to figure out what to bring and my sister suggested baked beans. I don't know about your family, but my family puts meat in almost everything. When I told my sister I was gonna bring the beans but I