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Life and its accomplishments should be celebrated. My friend retired. He left me and now I’m all alone. Not really lol, but he was surely something special to me. I imagine he will spend many days on various golf courses and he will learn new ways let his chickens entertain him. I’ll definitely stay in touch for the eggs! (Joke!) In honor of his second retirement, we threw him a party. He protested. He did NOT want a party. He thought he didn’t want a party. I’m sure he’s as happy as a hen that he let us do it for him. He was scared no one would come, but they did! And he was overjoyed and overwhelmed with love. Aside from coordination duties, I wanted to make him a few things from my heart. I made him golf themed cupcakes, a loaded chicken salad, shrimp and black bean caviar and punch. There was a tremendous amount of food. We tend to equate love with food, so he should know just how much we care. In his farewell speech he told a room full of people that 1. I am his soul

Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Can we talk about this yet? If you haven't seen the movie, don't read this! Did I miss this scene twice? I didn't see it in the movie! I saw Avengers: Infinity War the weekend it opened. It was long, coming in at around 2 hours and 30 minutes. I went alone and had a mostly enjoyable experience. Aside from the guy sitting next to me telling me every time he had to pee. After seeing the movie, I needed consoling. We. Just. Got. Black. Panther. And with a snap of his grossly huge fingers, Thanos wiped him away! Ok, I jumped too far ahead. Thanos. The big bad daddy of the Universe. He wants to do population control so that the Universe does not cease to be. He believes it's worth it to maintain sustainability. By killing half of the population. In order to do this, he must collect all of the Infinity Stones and then all power is his. Read more about the stones here . We don't want to see the black man die first (bye Heimdall). It hurt wh