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Good day y'all! I just realized that I've been to Nashville and to Washington, DC and haven't shared it with those of you that follow here. I know I keep promising to write more. It's difficult! I made a promise to myself to SEE.SOME.WORLD. And I've been trying. It's hard to break away though. Work has been insane for the last few years due to us renovating and/or building brand new buildings for most of our locations. My job is kind of important, so sometimes I just can't go. And I have to factor in if the kid is going to join me or if I'll take solo trips. I have a few more trips coming up this year that I will share more in detail with you guys. And I had a few I had to turn down for various reasons, but none of those reasons involved me not wanting to go! I want to go everywhere! I want to hang out with friends in other cities. Maybe now that daycare payments are almost done I will be able to see more! (WOOOO for that raise!) Nashville was co