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Cultivating Experiences, Carowinds

Hey y'all! I've been on a mission to create memories for my daughter. Living in the age of social media and saving everything to "the cloud," it's easier to capture moments and have them to look back on. I don't have any pictures of myself before the age of 5 or 6 because we lost everything in a fire. And then the pictures that I did have from my high school days, I lost in the flood. Insert sad face. I realized that I've been going a lot of places for vacation (without my kid) and that she deserves some of that time too. I've made a promise to both of us that we will see more and do more. She LOVES to DO things. Whereas I am comfortable relaxing with a good book or movie. Carowinds offers a free season pass for children age 3-5. It's less than an hour drive for us and will fill up so much time that would otherwise be idle. I grabbed a season pass for myself as well. I added the unlimited drink option (you can get fountain drinks every 15 mi