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A Wrinkle in Time: Movie Review

What are the critics saying about this movie? Did you read the book? I didn't read the book. I did go see the movie.

#BabyMagic got excited every time a preview played for A Wrinkle in Time. So naturally, I had to take her opening weekend!

If you haven't seen it and are planning to go, don't read this. Spoilers may be included!

I cried like 70% of the movie. It resonated with me. If the critics are saying this movie is bad, don't listen to them. Take your children to see this. They need to see it.

The way that Charles Wallace was his sister's biggest fan gave me ALL the joy. All of it! He believed in her when she didn't know that she could believe in herself. He spoke on her behalf because even as a little brother, he saw all of her potential. Every little bit of it. When Mrs. Whatsit had no faith in Meg, he still advocated for her.

Again, I have not read the book, so I have nothing to compare it to. I imagine that some elements of the book had to be lost in order for it to be formatted for the big screen. I may read the book, I may not.

I digress. Queen Oprah is beautiful! Mindy is beautiful! Reese is beautiful and she gave a little comedy to the movie. I loved the makeup and costume design! It was over the top and gorgeous!

This movie is about a little girl who loses her dad. He goes missing. She's bullied at school and she has basically given up on herself. She is not motivated because her entire world was crushed when her dad disappeared. Her life changed. People put a time limit on her grieving. We must stop doing that. Who are you to tell me how long I should grieve losing my father? You can't.

Now enters Calvin. A popular kid from school with his own set of daddy issues. He's in pain! This movie is a journey to not only Meg finding and saving her father, but the children finding and saving themselves.

I cried a lot. I've had my own daddy issues. My daughter has her own set of daddy issues. This was a touching story. I've heard people say they want a refund. I don't. I'm glad that I took #babymagic to see it. When it was over, she said that she was sad a lot during the movie. I know she was because she got out of her seat and came and sat in my lap. She hardly ever does that. As much as I could explain to her little 4 year old self, I did. And I told her it was ok and safe for her to express the way she felt. We also talked about how bullying is wrong and the way it affects people.

I recommend the movie. They hardly ever are in the same format as the book. I hope you all give it a chance.

If you see it, let me know what you think. I tried not to give too much away, but I really just needed express how this movie made me feel.



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