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A Wrinkle in Time: Movie Review

What are the critics saying about this movie? Did you read the book? I didn't read the book. I did go see the movie. #BabyMagic got excited every time a preview played for A Wrinkle in Time . So naturally, I had to take her opening weekend! If you haven't seen it and are planning to go, don't read this. Spoilers may be included! I cried like 70% of the movie. It resonated with me. If the critics are saying this movie is bad, don't listen to them. Take your children to see this. They need to see it. The way that Charles Wallace was his sister's biggest fan gave me ALL the joy. All of it! He believed in her when she didn't know that she could believe in herself. He spoke on her behalf because even as a little brother, he saw all of her potential. Every little bit of it. When Mrs. Whatsit had no faith in Meg, he still advocated for her. Again, I have not read the book, so I have nothing to compare it to. I imagine that some elements of the book had to be

Black Panther: Movie Review

Please tell me y'all have seen the movie? If you haven't, don't read this post! Let me give you a little bit of my back story on this Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am a Marvel fan. I don't read the comics, but the movies?! I'm here for them. Some of them are blah, but I watch them anyway. Why? Because usually they overlap and share stories. So, in preparation for the opening of Black Panther, I watched ALL of the Marvel movies in order of the stories, not the release date. I followed CNET's guide and it was pretty accurate. I did not watch the TV shows because I would still be watching. You don't have to. The movies will fill you in pretty well. Now, for what I thought. 1. This movie was beautiful! The colors, the wardrobes, the technology, the natural hair, the beautiful black people that starred in this film, it was amazing! 2. The women. OMG. The WOMEN! The strong women in the movie inspired me. Okoye makes me want to shave my hair back off. Nak

About 4 Years Ago...

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (Graves' Disease). Not long after my diagnosis, I had the Radioactive Iodine therapy to kill my thyroid. It was told to me that the only alternative was to have my thyroid surgically removed and not many doctors still do this. *I know better now.* 4 years later, it is still a struggle. 4 year later I am still under my endocrinologist's care and must see him every 6 months. 4 years later my medications are still being adjusted. 4 years later this shit still sucks. I try not to complain. I recognize that I will have to take synthetic hormones for the rest of my life. I have now recognized that I also have accepted that I will be on the fluffier side (compared to my what used to be normal size). Unless I quit eating all the food that I love (I'm not doing that) and have a very strict exercise schedule. Have I told you that I also have exercise induced asthma? What does that mean? It means that the last time I really pu