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State Fair-ish Turkey Legs

Have you all ever eaten a turkey leg at the state fair? Or any amusement park? If you have, you know they are delicious and HUGE! They are also very expensive, which is why I hardly ever buy them. I'm frugal and I never finish the thing. They are delicious though! I am often asked about food and recipes. It's not very often that people share their secrets with me (aside from me looking on Pinterest-that doesn't count). One of my friends at work was telling me how she makes turkey legs in the crockpot. She sent me a detailed text message (that has since been deleted) and told me her method. I though it was genius when she told me. But I didn't save it and the only thing I remembered was McCormick Mesquite seasoning! I didn't want to take her through texting it to me again, so I just went with the flow. I went to the store and purchased smoked turkey legs. I got 5 for $6. That's about half of what 1 costs at an amusement park or fair. They also aren't so b

An Ode to Caffeine

Caffeine, what a dream. In my world, you reign supreme! Ok, that's all I got. You get my drift LOL! Just to think, about 8 years ago I wouldn't dream of loving coffee as much as I do now. Now, I am sick if I can't have it! I'm a drink hot coffee even when it's 90 degrees outside kind of girl too. I respect the iced varieties and cold brew comes in a very close second. But give me my coffee piping hot! It doesn't help that I work with other coffee addicts either. Anything is an excuse for a coffee break! I'm learning to make it better on my own so I don't rely heavily on coffee shops. Good coffee ain't cheap! I've fallen in love with frothing my own milk! Almond milk froths beautifully! It's not as creamy as dairy milk, but it gets the job done. My favorite new combo is Vanilla Honey, preferably in a latte (thanks for getting me hooked Amy). I use a Keurig at home to make my coffee. I can't justify making an entire pot and

2018: Happy New Year!

Hey y'all! I pray that the New Year has found you all happy and healthy! Do you all do the traditional "New Year" things like making sure your house is clean, all laundry is done and eat greens and black eyed peas? For most of us southerners, this is tradition. We do it faithfully. Guess what? This. Year. I. Did. Not. I've never frantically ran around trying to get things done anyway, but I would try to at least have the house in order when the New Year hits. This year though, we got back in town on the 30th. We were tired. On New Year's Eve we went to breakfast with friends and did a little grocery shopping. Then we rested. And all of my sisters decided my house was the place to bring in the New Year. The kitchen and dining areas were clean! I do, however, eat my greens (collards for me) and black eyed peas. I fell into the electric pressure cooker craze in 2017. I actually bought the thing in 2015 and had never used it! I didn't get one of the