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Let's See How This Goes

Hey Friends! Last week I had my 6-month appointment with my endocrinologist. It was the same ol' same ol' discussion. How have you been feeling, let me check your pulse (it was fast). I told him that I have been resorting to taking naps under my desk at work. As much as I talk about naps, I'm actually not much of a napper, so this had me concerned. My attitude has been on 1000 and I'm attributing that to me not being able to get restful sleep. He said the problem may not be thyroid - or lack thereof- related. But my levels were slightly off. I had done some research and had planned on asking him to add a T3 supplement because I don't feel like Synthroid alone is getting the job done. He actually wrote the prescription before I had a chance to ask him. I've taken 3 doses, but feel no different so far. I don't know how long it takes it to kick in...if it even helps at all. My weight has been the same for about a year now, despite my better efforts. I am