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Healthy Baby Home Party

I was chosen by Seventh Generation to host a Healthy Baby Home Party. What is it, you ask? Well, I was sent a bunch of goodies (free of charge) to discuss with my friends and family. Each family in attendance was given a bag of samples and coupons so that they could decide if moving to natural, healthy products would work for their families. We had a great time! We ate, played games and discussed the goodness of things...and some of the badness of things too. One family received diapers and wipes. There were coupons for Babble bottles, seeds to plant, dish washing liquid and a bunch of other cool stuff! We played bingo and ate...did I say that already? LOL What's a party without food? Right? Thanks Seventh Generation for providing such amazing party products! I'm seriously in love with the lavender flower and mint dish washing detergent! It smells amazing and honestly, it cleans a whole lot better than I expected! I think it also calms my nerves while I&#

Mimosa Punch

Hey y'all! This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend Miko. I made a punch. A really good punch. So good, in fact that many people have asked me for the recipe. I usually just dump stuff in. This time was no exception. I turned to Pinterest for guidance, but ending up doing my own thing anyway. I chilled all of the ingredients beforehand so that it would be ready to enjoy. Mimosa Punch Ingredients 1 - 2 liter Ginger Ale 1 Carton Mango Nectar (can be found on the Hispanic food aisle) 3 Bottles of Champagne (I used J. Roget Spumante) 1/2 Cup Triple Sec Orange Juice - I think I used a little over half a gallon Assorted fresh fruit Instructions Pour all ingredients into drink dispenser (or punch bowl) *Be careful of the ginger ale and champagne bubble! Give a gentle stir ENJOY!! And since you asked, the shower was a big hit! Everyone had a great time, especially the bride to be! I'll post about the entire occasion later. I just wanted to

30 + 3

Howdy folks! If you follow me on Instagram (@littlemisschocolatekiss), you know that I celebrated my birthday last week. It has been great! I've mainly been posting pictures of food...because that's what I do lol. I've gotten a lot of questions about getting free birthday meals, so I wanted to kind of update the list (old list can be found here  or here ). A lot of the programs have changed. Some you have to sign up for again (many I didn't) and yes it takes a lot of work initally, but I've been eating free or cheap for almost 2 weeks now so to me it's worth it. Some places give full meals, some give something for free and others give a percentage off. I didn't make it down the whole list because some of them expire on your actual birthday. Others give you a few weeks to a whole month. Either way, enjoy as many as you can! You have to sign up on each site. Maybe someone should develop an app that will just sign you up for all of them. If you do, give m