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I feel like I need to talk to you guys about this. It's major. When Boogie turned two it was like something clicked in her head and told her she is supposed to do all things like a "big girl." She's been showing interest in potty training since she was about 1.5. But I couldn't take it LOL. I wasn't ready. At all. I mean, who wants their baby to not be a baby anymore?! I'll tell you what I was ready for though...not buying diapers. It's like I got a pay increase! YAY!! So as it began, I bought several types of potty seats. The first order, I purchased 2 of the same so she could have one at home and one at grandma's house. Well, that seat had a little too much "lip" in the front and she had a hard time sitting on it. So that was wasted money. Twice. I guess that seat is better for a boy to catch any sprays. I didn't do too much research. So then I thought, well maybe if the seat appealed to her little girly personality it will

Hypothyroidism at 1 Year

It has now been a little over a year since I have officially been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism . I saw my Endocrinologist about a week ago. The visit was the shortest we've ever had. However it made a dramatic impact on me and my now life. When the nurse called me to get my vitals, I didn't want to get on the scale. I could feel how heavy I am and it shows in my clothes. I mostly wear dresses...well for two reasons I wear dresses. Number one being that it is hot as all get out in Columbia and number two being that I can't fit my pants and I refuse to buy new ones. So if you read my birthday post and saw the pictures, no I'm not's glandular! LOL I'll never forget that episode of the Simpsons! I wish she had taken my blood pressure before I got on that scale. I don't think my blood pressure has come down since I saw that number that is much too close to my weight at 37 weeks pregnant. As much as I would like to blame all of the weight gain

Hello 32!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! First giving honor to God! I'm so grateful to be in the number one more time! I had a very relaxed day. Boogie and I hit the streets early and did some shopping and some browsing. For MY birthday, I bought her a brand new set of twin mattresses. I know this is going to be a struggle, but I need her out of my bed! She's smitten with the new bed but not so interested in sleeping alone LOL. My family came over and hung out and brought was delicious! I made a new recipe...I'll share it below and I made myself a cake. Every year someone asks me, "Why are you making your own birthday cake?" Well, I usually have some recipe up my sleeve that I want to try...or I don't want them to have to cook AND bake. My younger sister Sherise helped me with the baking and the making of the newly tried recipe. She's a fine Sous Chef! I'm so grateful for the calls, texts, Facebook messages, gifts, thoughts and prayers. I apprec