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Dial Baby & Kids (Giveaway)

Let me start by saying that the toddler years are fun...and a true test of faith and patience LOL! I love my little tot with everything I have in me. But every day she tests my limits in way I didn't even know were possible. I mostly laugh. She is a very spirited little girl who LOVES to be outside. I mean she will cry to go outside and sometimes all she wants to do is climb in a chair and sit on the porch and watch the cars go by. On this particular day though...(Jesus be a fence) she wanted to chase lizards, pop bubbles, shred leaves, kick her ball in the sticker bushes and throw a flower pot off the deck to see how far she could get it to go. Maybe softball is in her future, who knows LOL. That said ball ended up bursting from being repeatedly kicked in the sticker bushes... After our world wind backyard excursion, we go inside to have a snack and settle down a bit. Luckily she likes to wash her hands. I mean, she almost had that lizard! She really enjoys Dial W

The Journey Continues

It's that time again! It's been 3 months since my last visit to my Endocrinologist. Last week I had my blood work done and I saw him this morning. Although I was slightly irritated that the nursing staff was off of their game and had me waiting after he had called for me twice, it was a pleasant enough visit. He is an awesome doctor. From what I've heard most people hate him or love him. He is just fine with me. The visit was short and sweet. We always seem to spend more time talking about other stuff. Today's topic was food and both of our love for it. You guys aren't strangers to my love of food LOL. But anywho, my Synthroid dosage STILL wasn't enough. In his words, "You're a big woman, it is just gonna take some more for you." Y'all should have seen the look on my face, and then I burst out laughing. Truth be told, in my own eyes, I'm fat as hell. He said once the dosage is at the proper amount, it will be a little bit easier to lose

Dial Hand Soaps Review and Giveaway!

Clean hands. Don't you just love clean hands?! I do! And I've passed this on to my 1 year old. But that's not a bad thing in my opinion! Wash away the germs! So this giveaway is actually reviewing 2 Dial hand soaps. I had every intention of doing separate reviews...but time hasn't been on my side AND one of my sets of coupons is for the wrong product! OOPS. So, I've made an executive and sleepy decision to combine them. The first is Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Wash . OMG if no one enters this giveaway I seriously won't be mad! This stuff smells edible and has tremendous cleansing properties! No they didn't tell me to say that either! I spray painted my mailbox (and half of my hand) and this scrub seriously removed most of the paint after it had dried! I ain't lying y'all! Even if you don't win this giveaway you should try it-but I hope you enter and win! It's exfoliating, but not to the point that it scratches up your hands and it

Purex Crystals ScentSplash Giveaway

Hey gang! So I'm sitting here attempting to eat a bowl of homemade queso that didn't quite turn out right and I realized that I have a few giveaways I need to get posted ASAP! So here is the first, Purex Crystals ScentSplash in-wash fragrance booster. That's a tongue twister for you! The past few weeks have been hectic. I'm still trying to sell my house and so far it isn't going too well because I'm still here! In the meantime, we are living between home and my dad's house. Things have been a little chaotic and let's just say I don't always know where my mail ends up! So I apologize for the short length of this (and the next giveaway). Purex has really made me a fan of these in-wash fragrance boosters and this one is no exception! It comes in liquid form, unlike the actual "crystals." It seems like I'm doing laundry every day to keep the house in "ready to show" mode. This bottle of happiness makes it a little bit easi