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Giveaway: Purex Crystals Aromatherapy

Hey y'all! You know how sometimes you have a bad day and you think "Tomorrow will be better?" And then tomorrow comes and it's WORSE?! OMG I've had like two weeks of that. No lie. Was in desperate need of a stress reliever, a massage, a good glass of wine, SOMETHING! One morning I woke up, little Boogie had somehow peed out of her diaper, up her back and onto my bed. The diaper wasn't even wet. How in the hell did THAT happen? Neither here nor there. I strip the bed and throw the sheets downstairs. We continue our morning routine. I take her downstairs to munch on some Cheerios until we get ready to leave (she eats breakfast with her grandma). Then BAM she throws up all over me, her, the floor, her clean clothes, EVERYTHING. Then, disgusted with her vomit, she proceeds to wipe it off of her arm, throwing glorious baby juice everywhere. Sigh. She laughs. Now, not only am I going to be late for work, we are going to have to sit in traffic (3 school zones)

6 Month Follow Up

Hi folks! It has now been roughly six months since I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease and had Radioactive Iodine Therapy. I went in last week for labs and a followup. As my friend and coworker Amy is going through this same situation, it is very interesting to compare how this illness affects us differently. Amy is a need to know kind of girl and I just go with the flow. I know I should take a little more concern while dealing with my health, but is it so bad to just trust the doctor? I actually had to remove myself from one of the Facebook groups I joined because people were 1. depressing the hell out of me and 2. blaming EVERYTHING on Graves' Disease...and it irritated me. I know there are a lot of issues when it comes to autoimmune disease, trust that I know. I'm living this crap myself. Anyway, I've digressed. Amy (I want to be like her when I grow up) knows her levels and reads her lab reports. I, on the other hand, always intend to get a copy of my lab resu