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Hair It Is

Happy Fall!

While I'm so glad the calendar is finally saying the seasons have changed, I wish the weather would sync up! It is HOT! Not as hot as it has been, but come on! I'm ready for fall flavors and fashions!

I realized that I haven't done a "hair" post in a long time. Why? Because I have seriously been all over the place with this hair of mine. I've relaxed it twice and then cut it all back off. Sigh. It's only an accessory and it usually grows back just fine. Usually.

That is, until I had a baby and got diagnosed with Graves' Disease. During my pregnancy, my hair got super thick, but never achieved much growth. So I relaxed it. Older folks always say don't cut your hair while you're pregnant because it won't grow back. This is something I wish I had listened to, but I didn't know what to do with it! I have no clue if it's actually true. I'm used to my hair shooting out of my scalp and well, since November 2012, it has not done so.

Then, with having Hyperthyroidism and now Hypothyroidism, I think my follicles are just plain ole confused. I lost a ton of hair. So much that I ended up just cutting it all off again, wearing wigs, crying and struggling. Now I want it to grow back. Desperately. I still have two trouble spots at my temples but I'm learning to just live with it.

In the past, I would take these hair vitamins that worked wonderfully for me. But, now the formula has changed and they aren't working the same. Or I'm not taking them like I should. I always forget to take them on the weekends. I have contemplated Hairfinity...but can't afford to spend that amount of money on something I'm not convinced will work.

So here I am now. At a rough spot without knowing what to do or which way to go. Last week I convinced myself that I would just go to the barbershop and wear it low forever. But I don't want to! I want my hair LOL.

My sister tagged me in this video she found where a lady twisted her TWA with a sponge. What?! Yep, a sponge. The same one you would use to wash a car with. So I decided to give it a whirl. I already had one. (Sitting in the garage next to my car that hasn't been washed in 3 months). And I already had some locking gel.

I can't find the original video to link to...but the method is based off of the product Nudred. Here is another video I found of the whole process...that isn't too long.

Basically you cut holes in a sponge (I used an Xacto knife because the scissors just weren't working for me), wash your hair, apply the product of your choice and rub your hair with the sponge. The hardest part was cutting the circles. The next hardest part was ensuring you were going in the same direction over your entire head. I didn't do this because I kept confusing myself. I plan to redo my hair and go in the same direction because I actually want to start my locs again. This surely beats the twisting by hand method (which I can't do myself anyway).

It took me about 15 minutes to do my entire head, semi defined.

Start with the sponge. You see that tiny hole? I tried to drill it first. It didn't work.

I drew circles to have a "guide".

These didn't work for me. Probably because they are dull. I used an Xacto knife.

Co-washed hair, still wet. See my thin spots at the temples :-(

I had this under the sink...I love this product.

I probably should have washed the ink off the sponge...

Method definitely works!

Keep rubbing for more definition!

That eyebrow is popping!

Boogie's hair is next!

My biggest tip would be to let someone who can go in the same direction do it if you are challenged like me. I kept untwisting because I was changing wasn't intentional but it is hard to make sure you are going in the same direction. But like I said, it is very easy to do and doesn't take much time. Easy way to start locs or just to do something different! When I was done, I rubbed a little of Taliah Waajid's healing oil through my hair.

I hope this helps answer the questions I got on Facebook! If not, ask in the comments and I'll answer!



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