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Hair It Is

Happy Fall! While I'm so glad the calendar is finally saying the seasons have changed, I wish the weather would sync up! It is HOT! Not as hot as it has been, but come on! I'm ready for fall flavors and fashions! I realized that I haven't done a "hair" post in a long time. Why? Because I have seriously been all over the place with this hair of mine. I've relaxed it twice and then cut it all back off. Sigh. It's only an accessory and it usually grows back just fine. Usually. That is, until I had a baby and got diagnosed with Graves' Disease. During my pregnancy, my hair got super thick, but never achieved much growth. So I relaxed it. Older folks always say don't cut your hair while you're pregnant because it won't grow back. This is something I wish I had listened to, but I didn't know what to do with it! I have no clue if it's actually true. I'm used to my hair shooting out of my scalp and well, since November 2012, it ha

Sizzle: A Restaurant Review

Hey people! I hope your week is starting off better than mine (work woes)...but on a high note, I have a restaurant review for you! I tried to score a gift card to giveaway...but that didn't happen. Usually I stay away from new restaurants for at least a month. Or two. What's my issue? I hate kinks. Like really hate kinks. Especially for non-chain establishments that are just kicking off. But one of my gal pals posted a link to this place before they opened and I knew it would be right up my alley. The name of the restaurant is Sizzle and it is "A Bacon Eatery!" As much as I try to cut back on pork (and beef), I don't think I will EVER quit bacon. Like never. I don't eat it as much as I used to but man, I loves me some bacon! So needless to say, this place wasn't open a good two weeks before I made my way there. The circumstances that got me there are a little shady, but I went nonetheless. A few friends and I decided to head on over and give

Playing Catch Up

Hey y'all!!! I bring you greetings and wishes for a beautiful day! Where do I begin? It seems like I haven't talked to you in forever! I've been a cooking/baking fool! I really don't know where I've found the time or energy. **Side note** In Graves'/Hypothyroidism news, I'm doing much gooder. I think my levels are semi-normalized. I've been on Synthroid since round of bloodwork is in October. I still have a little craziness, but it is manageable now (thank God). In the past few weeks have been a few birthdays and holidays. And besides that, I'm really trying to get back into the habit of cooking at least 3 times a week. The summer has had me very lazy...and I must have lost my mind thinking I could eat out so much LOL. So here is a little wrap up of the latest and greatest w/ links to original recipes. I modified a few to my own liking...but hopefully I will get to post each individual recipe soon. **Side note #2** Boogie is n