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Keep Calm and Eat Good Food

There has been an influx of new businesses popping up in Columbia. Trying to get back to my old self, I've made a promise to get around to trying the new places as well as a few old ones I never made it to. My coworkers and I often make sporadic lunch decisions. This time we decided to go to a new placed called Bourbon.  I had been seeing this place on the news sharing recipes and what not so I decided to try it out. From the time we walked in the door I was impressed. The decor, the ambiance, even the water glasses were nice! This place made me want to eat there and I'm glad I did! Now, me being a lover of cajun and creole cuisine, when I saw Boudin on the menu OF COURSE I had to get some! This boudin was different from what I'm used to, but it was still delicious! Served over collard greens with a delicious relish. For the entree we all chose the Eggplant Jambalaya that used local produce. It was served with a very simple, but refreshing salad. I was satis

Sometimes it's Good to Suck!

So I broke Baby Magic's suction bulb syringe thing trying to clean it. I went to multiple stores to find a big one like the one they give you at the hospitals and not one store had the big one! The little ones just don't do the job. I saw this thing.  I've heard stories about the Nose Frida being the best to use so I thought "What the hell?" The poor baby is so congested I'll do whatever I can to help her... We just got home and I gave this little guy a whirl and man! I wish I had bought one sooner! This sucked out all the crud! Now I need to go take a puff from my inhaler but it's worth it! I got this for $12.99 from Walgreens. I'm going to start giving these out as my new mom gifts! Thinking about all the times I had to take her to get deep suctioned at the doctor I could have saved both of us some grief! You have to put a wad of tissue in there so you don't suck in the nastiness but this is so much easier and more efficient than a bulb syri

Ball of Confusion

The past two weeks have been mostly a blur. Thank goodness I have tons of pictures in my phone to remind me of everything that has happened. To start it off, Trinity was sick. Very sick. Her fever got up to 105.6. What is a momma to do?! We ended up in the ER three times. I'm sick just waiting on the bills. She ended up having to have blood drawn, a catheter to collect urine, a chest X-Ray and 4 shots over those visits. After the fever broke, she broke out in a rash from head to toe. All they told me was "probably viral." What? Seriously, all of that and that's the diagnosis?! During those visits, I learned that there is a toilet in each ER room...and that these rooms are poorly cleaned. No, I did not use the toilet! My sister pushed the flusher thinking it was the water...and my mom promptly corrected us and said "Quit flushing the toilet!" LOL It was hilarious! My niece Emonee turned 7! She was supposed to have a Princess Sophia themed party, b

31 Years Young

I thank God that He saw fit to allow me to make it to 31! This has been a celebratory time reminiscent of my yesteryears...I've been eating up a storm! Thanks to all of my free meals and discounts I'm sure I've gained 5 pounds in the past two weeks. I ain't mad though! This has been a wonderful year of reflection and growth for me. I'm still learning, but I have come so far! I've always been really emotional so it is taking a lot for me to not take things so personally. I am truly grateful for the prayers, the well wishes, the love...y'all could have kept those drinks though! This birthday has shown me how much my loved ones care about me...and how much some of them don't care (but whatevs). I think I made my sisters feel so bad last year for barely acknowledging my birthday that they threw me a party this year LOL. And it was fabulous! I had such a great time...don't know the last time I had so much fun, actually. I don't, however