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Trinity's First Roadtrip!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing well today and want to remind you to smile!

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, my family took a vacation. I would love to call it our "annual" but it doesn't happen once a year. Not even once every two years. I digress. We got it together this year and planned and executed a trip. My sister and brother in law recently relocated from Houston to Baton Rouge. Since they almost always have room to accommodate us all, that's where we stay! LOL, but for real.

So we planned, rented a van and hit the road. I was weary about it because 1. I was not feeling my best. 2. This would be Trinity's first time out of South Carolina, really out of Columbia. 3. I hate long road trips. 4. Did I mention I hate long road trips?

This trip mapped out at 11 and a half hours. Woo Saa. I did research, read blogs, searched Pinterest for ways to entertain a toddler on long road trips. We planned the going part so that the kids would be asleep most of the trip down there. On that account this worked out. For the three of us that split up the driving, it was a little rough. All of us worked the day that we left. I didn't get to take a nap beforehand and I'm pretty sure no one else did either. We hit the highway about 9pm and through construction, driving sleepy, too many pit stops we finally made it.

How did Trinity survive? She slept most of the way down, but I was sure to wake her up to change her diaper on stops and let her stretch her body out while everyone else did the same. I didn't want her to be sore or stiff. And her travel car seat isn't the most comfortable I'm sure. But it's not as bulky as her Britax so it was the better choice for this ride.

I packed up some toys she had never seen before so she would be distracted and inquisitive. It worked. I also packed easy snacks like the little puffs, Cheerios and fruit that I could easily hand her. She was also cutting a new tooth (which I didn't know until after the first night we were in Baton Rouge). The car ride was a breeze compared to the actual trip. But we had something like 19 people in one house and she's not used to being around a lot of people at once so she clung to me for dear life. And I do mean clung. It took her two days to warm up to people and she STILL only wanted her mommy!

We enjoyed our trip though. We did a swamp tour, Bourbon Street (kids stayed home), a casino, shopped, ate at some tasty places and really just enjoyed each other's company. My sister and brother in law are the best hosts anyone could ever ask for.

Then came the ride back. By this time my body was shutting down on me from lack of sleep and I was really afraid to help drive because I knew I wasn't feeling well. So I can't say I helped much on the way back, but I drove when I was absolutely needed. Trinity still slept a good chunk of the way back. Partly due to me giving her Zyrtec because she had started to rash up a little. But otherwise she only fussed when she was wet or hungry...or when I wasn't in her direct sight. We sang and played games on the iPad and she was happy with that. I was sure to pack her snacks and have bottles at the ready. I washed all of her bottles and had them pre-filled with the needed amount of water to mix with her formula. Her formula was in one of those little dispenser cups pre-measured so all I had to do was pour and shake.

We had a couple of hours added to the trip on the way back because traffic was horrendous. All in all it was a great trip and she was a little angel! I expected it to be worse. I don't know if that is what made it better or if she just really was that easy. Did I mention I hate long road trips? Would I do it again? No. I would fly! But I know it is inevitable. At least I have some clue as to what will work for her at this age. All babies are different, and every experience will be different. But for this time around, I'm glad it didn't drive me crazy! I look forward to taking her many other places, but I pray that we are able to afford plane tickets!

Have any of you taken summer trips? Any tips on traveling with kids?


OK Mommy, time for bed!

Swamp Tour with Uncle K. photo bombing

Bourbon Street and my Hand Grenade that I couldn't drink lol

The way she chose to sleep


  1. Road trips can definitely be a challenge, but honestly, I think I'd rather deal with the stress on the roads than to deal with airport security! Looks like your beautiful daughter Trinity had a good time, though :)


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