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Hypothyroidism and Me

Morning loves! I think it's been over 2 weeks since I started taking the thyroid hormone replacement medicine (Synthroid). I've been so crazy busy doing all kinds of stuff (2 trips to Louisiana, working, birthday parties, regular mommy stuff) that I really haven't taken a moment to see how I really feel. I think I feel better. I'm still having a few symptoms of hypothyroidism, which from what I heard, it can take years to get to the proper balance of thyroid replacement. Blah. I'm still not sleeping well. Only last night can I blame on the baby. She was up every two hours like she's a newborn! But otherwise it's all this Hypo-Graves' madness. From what I've read once you have Graves' Disease, you always have it. I just wish some of these symptoms would SCRAM. Like for real. Through my not so extensive research I have learned that my Endocrinologist kind of sucks. I've read all types of studies and articles about what I should and should

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday

Hi guys! I finally have myself together enough to share Trinity's 1st Birthday with you! The past few weeks have been super busy. I tried to hand craft as much as I could beforehand, but I still felt like it was down to the wire with a lot of stuff. Overall I'm beyond pleased with the way things turned out! And since I've never done this much crafting at once, I'm super proud of myself! I went with The Very Hungry Caterpillar  by Eric Carle because it is a story that she loves. I went back and forth with a few different themes but ultimately settled on this one because she LOVES books and this is one of her favorite stories...and I had tons of things already planned since this was also one of my baby shower themes ! I'm beyond grateful for everyone that celebrated with us. I am even more grateful for you guys being here in the virtual sense over this past year! It is been filled with love and pain but the good days definitely outweighed the bad! Some things d

Trinity's First Roadtrip!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well today and want to remind you to smile! Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, my family took a vacation. I would love to call it our "annual" but it doesn't happen once a year. Not even once every two years. I digress. We got it together this year and planned and executed a trip. My sister and brother in law recently relocated from Houston to Baton Rouge. Since they almost always have room to accommodate us all, that's where we stay! LOL, but for real. So we planned, rented a van and hit the road. I was weary about it because 1. I was not feeling my best. 2. This would be Trinity's first time out of South Carolina, really out of Columbia. 3. I hate long road trips. 4. Did I mention I hate long road trips? This trip mapped out at 11 and a half hours. Woo Saa. I did research, read blogs, searched Pinterest for ways to entertain a toddler on long road trips. We planned the going part so that the kids would be asleep m

Radioactive Iodine Therapy Follow Up Number 2

Today I had my second follow-up. It's crazy how we hear something that wasn't really said. I guess I just expected the worst. But when I went to have my blood drawn last week, I made an appointment for next week to see the doctor. The scheduler called me back soon after I left and said that my doctor would like to see me much sooner because of the way my levels were reading. I took this news as I had to have a second dose of RAI because the last time I saw him my levels were still high. I should have asked more questions instead of freaking out and assuming the worst. How does that saying about assuming go? Anyways, today's appointment was great. My thyroid is dead! No trace of hormone in my blood. But why do I still feel horribly? And why am I gaining this damned weight? I mean I'm seriously busting out of my pants! Now I'm too low on the hypothyroidism scale. But that's ok because now I can start Synthroid ! I've actually already started it. I took t

RAI Round 2, Here I Come.

Hey guys... Just a quick little rant. This morning I went in for my second round of follow-up blood work. The last time my levels were still high so we waited 4 more weeks to see what they would do. Well, they are even higher! How is this possible?! What kind of mutant thyroid do I have?! They are so out of whack that my doctor wants to see me on Thursday but I can't make that happen. So I'll see him next week. I'm so frustrated. How in the hell am I supposed to "manage my stress" when the very reason I need to manage it is what is stressing me out the most? Sigh. To have a disease that not many understand is so frustrating. I don't even understand it. I'm gaining weight when on paper, I should be losing. I can't sleep a stretch longer than 4 hours no matter how hard I try and I'm always, and I do mean ALWAYS, tired. That on top of taking care of my kid and working full time. Oy! So round two of Radioactive Iodine therapy, here I come. I wis