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Trinity is 11 months old!

Seems like I JUST wrote her 10 month post...probably did just write it lol. It's very hard to stay on top of things these days. But goodness gracious! She's mastering running. Not quite taking off too much but boy she's fast! And she tests limits to the max. I'll tell her no, which she fully understands, and she will sneak to do it anyway. Sometimes even looking to see if I'm paying attention. Most of the time it's pulling the tea bags down to open the box or pulling all of the tupperware out of the cabinet...then falling because she stepping on the tupperware tops. Sigh. She loves to squeeze in between things and hide. Then she laughs when you call her name as if you don't know where she's hiding. It's the cutest thing ever! She also has a fondness for slapping. Thanks to her grandpa who is already teaching her to fight. I anticipate many phone calls when she is around other kids. As her two top front teeth descend, I'm finding that she'

Father's Day Food

Hey guys! It feels like forever since I have posted. Maybe because my days are blurring into one long drawn out scene. I'm tired. Graves' is kicking my butt these days. I go for more blood work on July 1 and will see the doctor some time after that... But even with all the work, tiredness and sigle-mommyness I made the time to show my dad just how much I appreciate him. He's my dad and Boogie's granddad but he is the only constant man in her life. He already teaches her so much and she loves him to pieces. I'm his only blood child and I knew no one else would make a big deal of the day. He's not much for big deals anyway. So at the expense of sleep, I made him dinner. A very yummy dinner might I add. I was a bit skeptical but it worked out. I asked him earlier in the week what he wanted for dinner and he quickly replied "seafood." Great. I can't afford the seafood I knew he wanted...crab legs, shrimp, a low country boil even. I made it my miss

Trinity is 10 Months Old!

YO YO YO YO YOOOOOO!!!! Can you guys believe it's JUNE?! I can't I'm still tripping off the fact that in less than 2 months my baby will be 1 year old! I gotta get this party planning underway. Like for reals! In my head I keep saying that it will be small. Just close family and friends. Who am I kidding?! My family BLABS about EVERYTHING. I'll probably get kicked out of my  neighborhood for a 1 year old's birthday party! LOL Here are some pics from her 10 month "photo shoot" aka mommy putting her on the stairs and saying cheese...and she didn't want to say cheese. This adorbs little outfit was given to her by my friend Rebecca. I LOVE it! Even though the nickname "Magic" didn't stick. who knows. Maybe it will come back lol. So what is she up to these days? What is she NOT up to lol. She is no longer all. She is learning how to gain speed with walking...running is not far away. She really  started walking