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People Like Us

Good morning all!
I hope this post finds you at a great moment of peace and tranquility.

Friday evening I started watching a movie, People Like Us, with Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Pfeiffer. I paused it because my sister and niece came to visit and I wanted to give it (and them) my full attention. I just finished watching it like 5 minutes ago. I don't know how I came to find this movie. But geez! Have you all seen it? I borrowed it from my local you use your library? YOU SHOULD!

Anyway, the movie is about a man who's father has just passed away. Upon his father's death he is left with a shaving kit full of money and a note to give it to this person he has never heard of. That person turns out to be his nephew by a sister he never knew he had. The story develops and left me with a lot of tears. It had a beautiful ending, that I won't spoil for you. You should watch this movie!

So the whole point of me telling about this is really personal. In the movie, Frankie (played by Banks) has no clue that this is her brother and as he gets involved in their lives, she catches feelings for him. I mean, it is Chris Pine! But Lord, I do not want this to be my child's story. You guys are kind of my therapy and we're friends so I'm going to talk about it.

Trinity is now 10 months old. She has still never met her father. If he were to walk up to her right now she would probably cry from stranger anxiety. She doesn't know his immediate family. Because of the twisted webs of our lives, she knows some of her cousins...that is a long story and no there is no incestuous nature if you were wondering. This is the saddest thing to me. I can't understand for the life of me how someone could totally disregard a child. Now, this isn't totally the case in the movie, but you'll see when you watch it.

I have seen him a total of 2 times face to face since I told him I was pregnant. He has never called to see how she is, has not offered any support or showed that he even cares for this little darling. Breaks my heart. I see him around the city and no lie, he will use all of his will to not make eye contact. And I have to use every ounce of self control not to ram his car. Real talk. People have their opinions on what I should do. But I do what's best for us and our livelihood. Me going to jail would only hurt I won't ram the car.

She has siblings and I pray to God that her father will get his act together so that the children can know each other. I DO NOT want her to end up being a Strawberry Letter later in life. I've had to put a lot of my own feelings aside to make sure I do the right thing for her. Fully recognizing that this isn't about us anymore...

You can't make people do what they have no interest in doing...and I hate to be so cliche' but You can't raise a man! Thanks to K. Michelle for providing the soundtrack to my life LOL!

All jokes aside, even though I am doing this all alone, I could never BE her father. With Father's Day approaching, I know I will get texts and Facebook messages saying "Happy Father's Day," but this is a role I could never fill. I am a single mother and that's it. It sucks but that's the way my cookie has crumbled. I would never block him or his family from being in her life. I really mean that.

Thanks for being my weekend therapy. I hope you all have a beautiful Memorial Day. Thank you to all of those that protect our great Nation and to those that have lost their lives defending it.



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