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People Like Us

Good morning all! I hope this post finds you at a great moment of peace and tranquility. Friday evening I started watching a movie, People Like Us , with Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Pfeiffer. I paused it because my sister and niece came to visit and I wanted to give it (and them) my full attention. I just finished watching it like 5 minutes ago. I don't know how I came to find this movie. But geez! Have you all seen it? I borrowed it from my local you use your library? YOU SHOULD! Anyway, the movie is about a man who's father has just passed away. Upon his father's death he is left with a shaving kit full of money and a note to give it to this person he has never heard of. That person turns out to be his nephew by a sister he never knew he had. The story develops and left me with a lot of tears. It had a beautiful ending, that I won't spoil for you. You should watch this movie! So the whole point of me telling about this is

The Saga Continues...My Follow Up After Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Hey y'all! Are you excited to get another post from me so soon?! Sure you are! LOL Today I had my follow-up visit for the Radioactive Iodine therapy. It's been about 6 weeks. How do I feel? I definitely feel better than I did before I had the treatment. However, all is not cured. If I don't take my Lopressor (which I take 3 times a day), my hands shake, I still have rapid heartbeats (not as bad), and I still have sleep issues and sweats. I have not witnessed that weight loss side effect lol. Don't get me wrong, I have noticed a DRASTIC improvement. But, my levels are still up and my thyroid is still engorged. Goiter. I hate that word. What did the Doc say? Don't wear a turtleneck when I have to examine your throat. Duh. I don't know what I was thinking lol. And yes I know it's warm's a short sleeved one lol. He said that it's measure 3 and before it was a 6. Good but not good enough. My levels are still on the higher side...but I don

Think Like A Man Too Review

Anyone who knows me knows that music and movies are my thing. I can eat with the best of them...but you give me a good movie, show or CD and I BINGE on it! LOL. Watched the second season of House of Cards  in a weekend. I ain't playing. So needless to say anytime I receive FREE movie or concert tickets I try to make it. I think I may start being a part time movie critic. Sony sent me (and apparently the rest of Columbia) free passes for the pre-screening of Think Like A Man Too . Now, I read Steve Harvey's books and some of the points I agree with and others I disagree strongly with. But I won't go there today. If you haven't seen the first movie, I recommend watching that so that you can watch the characters develop. This one's release date is June 20th. See the preview below. Now Sony nor Screen Gems is compensating me for this review...I'm doing it because I want to. What I didn't like was that the majority of the theater was reserved for "

My 1st Mother's Day

Hi folks! I hope all of the mothers had a peaceful mother's day! My day was good overall. I wish I could say that I was surrounded by nothingness all day but such was not the case. The day was filled with hot flashes, attitudes and good food (that arrived hours later than it should have). Next year I think I will just make a reservation. It may only be for me and Trinity but that will certainly save my sanity. I spent a great deal of the day with my mom and we had a good time laughing, shopping and wishing my sisters would hurry up with the food. Yes I have to mention that again lol. I realized a lot of things on Mother's Day. Those that love you will show it, even if it is in a very simplistic way. I woke up, drank coffee out of a mug Trinity "ordered" for me, smelled a dozen beautiful roses, read a few heartfelt cards, attended church with my family, visited with my grandmother, received and made a lot of texts...and I hugged my little sugar dumpling until she

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hey folks! Usually our crew gets together to enjoy margarita drinking and taco eating for Cinco de Mayo. We didn't get together last year, but this year we did. We celebrated on Saturday since the actual "holiday" is today. And boy did we have a good time! It was potluck...not necessarily Mexican food themed but all of the food was yummy and delicious. Although I did not take a picture of the dish I made, I wanted to share it with you anyway, in honor of this fun time. Honestly I was a little skeptical because the original recipe didn't have any meat. I'm a carnivore (ROAR) and decided to add a little meat. It was a hit. 6 of us ladies ate almost an entire aluminum turkey roaster pan. You know the kind you use so you don't have to do dishes? Everyone enjoyed it and I was glad! We had watermelon margaritas, mango margaritas, and some red Moscato (which I think is my new favorite) and somewhere in there came a few tequila shots! I haven't much been the