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Game Changer, and a Giveaway!

hi guys!

this is going to be a very quick giveaway. i hadn't had much time in the past few weeks to get it posted so here goes! my favorite people at purex sent me another product to try. i guess i really could have made the time, but i was nervous. this new product does not require you to sort your colored laundry! i'm my mother's child and i am notorious for fading and bleaching stuff so this is why this made me nervous.

but alas, i washed a load of clothes. and believe me, my laundry room is happy to have an inch of the floor cleared. So I loaded up the washer and added my Purex Crystals and my Purex No Sort.

find more information about the no sort here

two of the items i was most concerned about came out perfect! This will save me such a headache! have i ever mentioned i hate doing laundry? not so much the washing and drying, but the folding and hanging UGH! i'd rather run a mile. ha.

any who, this detergent performed wonderfully and i will probably buy it if it ev…

After the RadioIodine Treatment

It has now been over a week since I had the RAI treatment. I realize that everyone is different and all dosage is determined by your doctor for your specific issue. With that being said, my thyroid was 6 times the normal size. My doctor decided my dosage accordingly. He gave me my instructions (did not tell me to stay away from my daughter for 2 weeks). This was the question that I asked about 5 times to be sure I heard him right. The internet is not always your friend. Your doctor's instructions are what should be followed! I understand that this treatment has been used for over 50 years, but just as other things evolve, I'm sure this therapy has done the same. That is to everyone that questions me being around my daughter after 5 days. I listened to my doctor. There. Thanks for caring.

Here are a list of the symptoms of Graves' Disease:
Common signs and symptoms of Graves' disease include:

AnxietyIrritabilityDifficulty sleepingFatigueA rapid or irregular heartbeatA fine…

Solving a Mystery. My Journey with Graves' Disease

Graves' Disease. Who the hell thought up that name? It sounds like it's destined to kill you. But not me! I won't let it!

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was having short spurts of rapid heartbeats. I Googled, WebMd(ed?), and Mayo Clinic(ed?) to see what could potentially be the cause. Everything pointed to anxiety. Great. If I knew how to get rid of it, I would have done so a long time ago. So I carried on with my life. When I would have these moments, I would just sit down and close my eyes until it stopped. This didn't always work when I was in traffic.

Having been hypertensive before, I knew I had to be careful. I've been doing well to maintain my blood pressure...but this rapid heartbeat was a mystery to me. Then, one morning I woke up and before I even attempted to get out of bed I was dizzy. What the crap?! I took my blood pressure. Pressure was 119/80 (damn near perfect) but my resting heart rate was 143! Scared, I packed my baby up and took her to her gra…

Have a Fabulously Fresh Spring! And a Giveaway!

How are you folks enjoying SPRING so far? Me? Not much. This pollen is a killer! I'm on 3 different allergy medicines AND using a Neti Pot and nothing is helping. My doctor told me to stay away from my I can just barricade myself in the house? Nah.

My favorite people at Purex have come up with something that can let me smell the flowers without having a sneeze attack! And the freshness lasts a long, long time!


Besides the color being pretty, the scent hits you in the face. It makes you sing of Spring! I ain't lying! So enter to win a full sized bottle of your own! You know you want it! Just don't drop your cap behind your dryer and then get discouraged and leave it...but I didn't do that! LOL

Here's to you enjoying the warmer weather, getting bikini ready and stopping to smell the roses!
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New Purex!!

Howdy Folks!

This was an April Fool's Joke :) Happy Spring!

I come to tell you about a new detergent from Purex! These people really do think of everything!

They sent me a bottle to review, but my little pooch got a hold of the bottle! That's what I get for leaving it on the floor...and don't worry, she's fine! 

This new detergent will keep all of your pet's clothes cozy with a fresh scent that will make your poodle priss! You wear your clean clothes proudly and so should your pooch! For more information, please visit

To be clear, this product is for your pet's clothes...not yours! So go on and show Fido that he's part of the family and pick up a bottle of Purex Fresh Pet!