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Trinity is 8 Months Old!

I have always heard people say that babies aren't babies for long but you can never fully understand just what they mean until you are living it yourself! I can't believe my little boogie is 8 months old already! She is still a very happy baby...unless you take away something she isn't supposed to have in the first place. Like mommy's phone or iPad, the tv remote (her favorite), or something off the floor that she is trying to eat. Her feelings get hurt very easily and it breaks my heart every time she tears up because I took something from her...or stopped her from eating her shoe (on the rare occasion she isn't trying to pull it off). What is she up to besides that? She started crawling at 7.5 months...if you can call it a crawl at all. She tries to stand with one leg and crawl with the other. When that fails, she resorts to this military-ish low crawl but always makes it to her target. She seems to like "walking" more than crawling. She is hilarious!

A Little Bit of Happy

I have recently been very reminiscent. Having a baby changes everything. And I do mean everything. No relationship is the same. Some have gotten stronger, some weaker and some have plain fallen off completely. I try to take it as it comes, but it's a hard pill to swallow. I am a person that cherishes relationships and I try to do all I can to maintain them. Well, prior to having a kid I did more. Now, I just don't have much time. This makes me sad. One of my friends recently told me that my issue is I care too much. Is there such a thing? Maybe. I cherish those I love and if that is a crime lock me up! Anyway, I started thinking about some of the things that make me happy and this almost always is food! The past few holidays I haven't made it to my grandmother's house as I usually do. One thing that always makes me happy during the holidays (the ones that I do make it over there) is my aunt Mary's Heavenly Hash. Except when she puts coconut in it! Then I'm jus

Spring Forward!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a little reminder! Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD this Sunday! If you have the winter blues like me, you aren't worried about losing an hour because you are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather! Have a great weekend! RoJo