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Sometimes Simpler is Better

You know how you have a taste for something and just don't know what exactly it is that you have a taste for? I go through this all the time. My taste buds tell me "We want something good !" I usually have a hard time searching through my fridge to find something good  that will be easy to prepare. So I just wanted to give you guys two tips that I found to be GOOD ! The first is for "Perfect Salmon." I found this on Pinterest and can't find the source, but I remembered it in my head...shocking since most of the time I feel scatter brained these days lol. And it really doesn't get any simpler. Cover the Salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper Place in a cold oven and set the temperature to 400 Let the Salmon cook for 25 minutes BOOM PERFECTLY COOKED DELICIOUS SALMON! See, I told you, EASY! It really is delicious! This was a huge piece that I could have used for two or three servings. But I ate it all in one! Just that good! This next one ca

Running on Fumes!

I had the pleasure of throwing my dad a last minute birthday party. I'm not a fan of last minute. AT. ALL. I'm sure my family is aware of this. Aside from that, I was really tired and wasn't in the mood. But my dad is a rock star and does so much to help me...even if I have to nudge him a little. At first he said a small drop-in, then I think he read the look of desperation in my face and said let's just go out to dinner. I thought I was in the clear. The next morning as I was dropping baby Magic off, my stepmom told me how he was talking all night about how I make the BEST finger foods and listing all the food he likes. Sigh. So for the man that has never had a birthday party, I agreed to do it. This was on a Thursday morning and the party was scheduled for the next evening. I had to work Friday so I knew this was not going to be easy. So after work I set out for the grocery store and planned on doing all of the prep work Thursday evening. I managed to pull this off

Get a Clean Start!

Some people pick dates to "stop doing this" or "start doing that." For instance, lots of people make New Year's Resolutions to be healthier, to let go of bad relationships, to come closer to God, etc. I wish you godspeed in all of your resolutions! Me, I just try to be better than I was the day before. I believe that every day is an opportunity to start new. In whatever way you make your resolutions, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, I hope that you stick to your guns and come out on top! Wouldn't it be awesome to "start new" with a new wardrobe?! Purex would like to give you a chance to win a brand new wardrobe AND a year's worth of detergent to keep your clothes fresh and clean! The new wardrobe will be valued at $1000. What a great way to keep you motivated to stick to your goals! Click Here to Enter Don't you want to look and smell fresh and clean? I know you do! I do too! Visit this link to enter to win and I wish you good lu

Happy Half Birthday Baby Magic!

Today Trinity is 6 months old! I can't believe how fast time flies! You always hear people say "Cherish the time you have with them." And you really should! It does not seem like there has been time for 6 months to go by! Even through the sleep deprivation...time really FLIES! This little darling is such a joy! Even on the days that I just don't feel like it (it meaning any and everything) she looks up and my mood changes. So, what is she doing now? She's been experimenting with food. I'm doing a mix of pureed food and the Baby Led Weaning approach. I'm really only doing the pureed food because I have some at home. She likes getting the spoon to her own mouth and picking up food on her own. The girl is independent! So far she has had bananas, avocado, Lima beans, black-eyed peas, a chicken drumstick bone, buttery crackers, baby food carrots and pears. She tasted a meatball but wasn't fond of it and threw it on the floor. OH she has also had chil

Christmas and the Cranks

Happy New Year Good People! I pray that 2014 brings bountiful love and blessings your way! Here is a little rundown of Baby Magic's First Christmas. It was disastrous, but I am glad we made it through! My supervisor talked me into taking the week of Christmas off. I was hesitant to do so because I don't have much leave time and you never know what will happen. As it happens, I said what the heck and decided to spend the cherished time with my little one. And my sister and brother in law flew in from Houston and that gave me more time with them...or so I thought. On Monday, Baby Magic started this little cough. Not enough for me to worry too much but I knew she was coming down with something. And as many of you may know (or not), there ain't a thing you can do or give a baby that's sick! By Christmas, my noodle was feverish and coughing so bad that she wouldn't keep her milk down. By Christmas night, we were at the ER. They did nothing. Told me to give her Tyle