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6 Weeks Postpartum

Ok so I'm a few days away, but I had my checkup yesterday. All is well. I've been cleared to workout...starting slowly. And my doctor wants to see how I do off of blood pressure meds since my pressure has been really good. I hope this child of mine doesn't drive it up. OH MY GOSH! People say I'm the most prepared person they know. You cannot prepare for this!! She is the sweetest baby ever...when she's asleep. She's spoiled rotten and that's my fault. But it's so easy to do when holding her calms her down. I don't know what she's going to do when I go back to work. It's going to be rough. For both of us.  She is very alert during the day and loves observing everything. Around 10 pm we get "the witching hour," which seems to last all night. I don't know what time either of us fell asleep last night. I woke up at 6 this morning still in an upright position holding her to my chest with my glasses on. There is absolutely nothing you

Lord, I Am Somebody's Mommy! And A Nursery Tour!

Happy Day Y'all! Well, my day is more like tired day. I'm beat. My little lady is three weeks old. So far, so tired. I don't know what else to say. Being a single mommy is hard, hard work. Being a mommy period is hard work. Going at it alone, I don't recommend. Of course I had it all worked out. My mom was going to come and stay with us for a few weeks after we left the hospital so that she could help me out. But guess what? She got sick before we were discharged and she is still fighting some nasty respiratory demon. I have a few friends that have been awesome and coming over when they can so that I can rest. For those moments, I am eternally grateful! I wish I could sleep during the day. I know everybody says sleep when the baby sleeps, but it is physically impossible for me to sleep during the day. I just can't do it. Sure, I can lay in the bed all day until my heart is content, but sleep? Nope. I look forward to the day that she will sleep for at least 4 hou

Just Checking In!

Hi Guys and Gals! I just wanted to check in with you really quickly! Being a single mommy is difficult! But it is very rewarding. Watching my little bean grow every day is the most precious thing! She is doing terrific and the doctors are pleased with her progress. At her last appointment she was up to 5 pound and 6 ounces! She gets juicier by the day! I'll be back with a post soon...still trying to get a hang of this mommy thing! Blessings to you all! RoJo