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Baby Magic is Here! My Birth Story

Princesses get their way. And true to form, my little princess decided that she, and only she would be in control of when she arrived. Forget about me or the doctors trying to schedule ANYTHING!

**This is a long post that goes into detail. Read at your own risk.**

On Sunday, July scratch that. On Saturday, July 20th, I was having cramps. They weren't too painful and were coming only about once every hour. Honestly, I thought I had gas. I had a good bit of visitors that day and told everybody that I felt like I was going to have the baby soon. I was already on bed rest and wasn't doing much. Thanks to some awesome friends, I had enough food that all I had to do was warm it and eat it.

After all of the company left, I really just wanted to lie down. So I went to bed. I was awakened maybe 3 times during the night with these "cramps." The next morning I got out of bed about 10:30am (late for me) and took a shower, hoping that the heat would soothe me. It didn't. Around 11:30am I knew it was time to call the doctor that was on call. I explained my situation...high risk, on bed rest blah blah. I told her I had been cramping and she said "sweetie those are contractions, not cramps." I felt dumb. I didn't know they would feel like horrid menstrual cramps. I hadn't been timing them exactly so she told me to get back in the bed, tough it out and when they were about 5 minutes apart to head to the hospital. She informed me that for a first pregnancy, I would probably be in labor for at least 20 hours and that I should call my doctor the next morning to see if I could be seen. WHAT? I guess people always think they are in labor when they really aren't?

I called my mom and she came on over, along with my sisters, nephew and nieces. I tried to eat, but I couldn't concentrate. It seemed like breathing made me have contractions. They were erratic and not following any time schedule for a while. I downloaded a contraction timer on my phone to try and keep it accurate. Sometimes I missed hitting the button to start timing and at this point my sister took the phone from me.

I stayed in bed, writhing in pain for what felt like an eternity. My friend's mom is a nurse. She called and told me to check my blood pressure and get in the tub. My pressure was a bit high but the idea of getting in the tub was enticing. I got in a warm bath and I think it helped a little. I called the doctor back and told her my pressure was up and that my contractions were now 7 minutes apart. This was around 6pm I think. She asked me if they were painful. I was thinking to myself...if they weren't why would I call you? She told me to wait another hour and then go to the hospital if they were getting stronger. I thought she was nuts. Clearly she didn't think I was having a baby that day. My oldest sister kept telling me they were Braxton Hicks. I wanted to punch her. This was not a practice run, this was the real deal!

I got out of the tub and guess what? My contractions were now 4 minutes apart! OUCH! I live about 25 minutes away from the hospital. I told my mom it was time to go and I attempted to walk downstairs...only to be hit with a very strong contraction that damn near made me fall. Once we finally made it to the car I started freaking out in my head. I tried to stay calm so that I wouldn't freak out my mom and sister. Two of my sisters have kids, but they were both induced and medicated so they didn't understand how I felt and I think I had them scared.

Once we got on the highway, the sky cracked open and it seemed like the flood gates were opened. Cars on the highway were pulling over because there was zero visibility. I told my mom we couldn't stop. My mom was driving down the middle of two lanes on the highway. I didn't think we were going to make it to the hospital. My contractions were so close together at this point I really thought I was going to have the baby in the car. We made it downtown and all of the lights were green. Although I think my mom would have ran every one of them to make sure I at least made it into the hospital.

We pulled up and someone got there instantly to wheel me up to the 4th floor. My mom signed me in and I was taken to triage. There I was told I was 5, almost 6 centimeters dilated and asked if I wanted an epidural. I told them I did. My contractions were now about 1 minute apart. I was placed on a different bed and moved to the delivery room. Before I could get off of the bed I felt SOOOO MUCH PRESSURE! The nurse checked me again and just like that I was at 10 centimeters! It had only been about 4 minutes! The doctor hadn't been paged yet! The nurse literally had to hold the baby in so the doctor could get in the room. As I moved (or was moved) to the delivery table, my water broke. Somehow, in the middle of a contraction I felt the need to let everybody in the room know my water had broken LOL. I was told it was ok and just to turn over on my back...meanwhile the nurse still was holding the baby in. I was begging for some pain medicine and was quickly shot down. I was about to have this baby without the assistance of medicine. I also was Group B Strep positive, but guess what? No antibiotics. No time.

Some of my friends would argue that I said I wanted a natural birth. I never said that. What I did say was that I would like to have a vaginal birth without an epidural. I think some people get vaginal and natural confused. I wasn't going to refuse IV pain medicine. I just didn't want a needle going in my back and I wanted to avoid a cesarean if at all possible. But natural...without any medicine, nah I didn't want that LOL. But now I'm glad I had the experience. If I every have another child, I will be sure to make it to the hospital in time for pain management!

Suddenly I had a strong urge to uh...push something out. It seriously felt like I need to have a bowel movement. I couldn't hold it. The doctor was now in the room and telling me to push just as they got the IV in my hand. They tried to slow down my pushing so that I didn't tear too bad. An alien had taken over my body and nothing that was said to me made sense. All I knew was this baby wanted out and I wanted to give her whatever she wanted. I screamed and pushed 3 times and she was here! It's a GIRL!

She didn't cry and they whisked her away so quickly that I got scared. I tore pretty badly and the doctor wanted to get the placenta delivered and stitch me up. Mind you I still was not medicated! Let me tell you this though, at the point that the baby is out and the placenta is out, there is an instant, almost overwhelming sense of relief! It's like that elephant that has been standing on your gut for 9 months has finally lifted his foot! As much as I would love to say all pain was forgotten, my baby still hadn't cried. So I shouted "IS SHE OK? TELL ME MY BABY IS OK!" And then she let out this little snicker that could hardly be called a cry, like she knew what I was asking. They assured me she was ok.

Meanwhile this doctor was giving me stitches with local anesthesia. If you know me, you know that my tolerance for pain medicine to the moon. I felt it all. That was longer than the birth! After she was done, they gave me my little sunshine and I cried the ugliest cry ever. I felt like my name should have been Miss Celie at that moment because nothing about me was cute. She was here! And I was the happiest I have ever been. I am still thanking God for allowing me to assist in such a beautiful creation.

Me and 4 other women delivered within 2 minutes of each other and there were only 2 nurses in the nursery so they took all the babies in there to do the exams. At 38 weeks to the day, I had delivered my daughter. I want to cry as I am typing this and she is sound asleep in her bassinet.

Just when I thought all the pain was over, the nurse came back. She said " I need to feel your tummy." Then she proceeded to press on my uterus making my body do the most disgusting things EVER and that hurt like hell! OMG I wanted to punch her in the face! She explained what she was doing but I didn't care. I just wanted it to stop. She then told me she would be doing that every 15 minutes for a little while. YIKES!

After a second I was coherent enough to ask what my baby's birth stats were. I heard them yell them out but I was in shock. I knew she was tiny because I had held her, but I wanted to know everything. Born at 7:33pm, 4 pounds 8 ounces, 18 1/4 inches long. I knew there would be issues with her being so small. I began to worry. They told me she was perfectly fine and that once I was in my room they would bring her to me.

I finally got in my room and once everyone left I wanted to know where my baby was. I was scared. They told me 10 more minutes and they would bring her. I wanted to breastfeed immediately and I had already missed that first window of alertness. The nurse wheeled her in and I started to cry. She they told me that my baby was having issues holding her temperature so they had to keep her in the Isolet (I have no clue how to spell it). WHAT?! I cried some more but enjoyed the 10 minutes they gave me before they took her back. They told me to try and get some sleep. How could I? I spent most of the night sitting in the nursery next to her in the incubator. I prayed and told her I was sorry. She spent about 13 hours in there before she could hold her temperature. I was kicked out of the nursery so they pediatricians could do their exams and wanted to take that opportunity to take a shower.

When I got back to the nursery, I was then informed that my little princess was having issues taking milk. Apparently, although I was at 38 weeks, she only had the maturity of 36 weeks and had not learned to coordinate sucking and swallowing so she was having a very hard time. I then met with the lactation consultant who advised me to wait until she was at least 6 pounds before I tried to get her to latch. They gave me a pump to use and told me to try to pump at least 8 times a day. Me and one of the nurses still tried to get her to latch, but it didn't work. Insert sad face.

We spent 5 days in the hospital. I was discharged after 2, but God felt my sorrow. One of the pediatricians wrote me a rooming-in order so that i could stay in the room with her and not have to worry about leaving or anything. Meals were even included. I thanked God for this! Since she was ok holding her temperature, they let her stay in the room with me. The nurses only came to get her to do the tubal feedings (we alternated between bottles and tubes), exams and for the pediatrician. This gave me time to see what things would kind of be like once we got home.

We were released Friday mid-morning after much work for me to get her to feed from a bottle consistently. We gave her a pacifier so she could get the hang of her mouth coordination. Once she got it, she got it! after a day of successfully bottle feeding, the tube was removed. She was almost back at her birth weight and was cleared to go home. YAY! We are still trying to figure things out, but I am glad that we can now do that in the comfort of our home.

This pregnancy was a tremendous journey for me. I thank all of you for taking the ride with me! I look forward to sharing more with you! This post is so long, so I'll leave you with some pictures and a wish for peace and blessings!!!


Just as I type this my camera is acting crazy so here are some pics from my phone...will update later :)

Crazy how you instantly fall in love! Welcome to the world Trinity Aleia!

Kisses for my Princess

Hey Y'all! (Custom gown from an Etsy shop)
Trying to stay warm!

Always content in Mommy's arms

She looks just like my mom in this picture!

Not feeling this tube AT ALL!

Melts my heart!

1st ride home

Such a sweet baby!


  1. Such a joy Ronisha! MAY GOD bless you and your beautiful daughter. I fully understand the roller coaster of have a lifetime left. Soooo happy you and baby are doing well...and Welcome to motherhood!-There's no love like a mother's love!:-)))))

  2. I am SO happy that she is here and HEALTHY! Every mother has their story and yours is truly a miracle/ blessing! You are an AMAZING person/ friend and I have no doubt that you are an even more AMAZING mommy!

    Congrats again Love and I hope to see you 2 soon :)

    Lotsa Love Kristyn, Kierdyn &Kaiyan

  3. Congrats again Ro and Welcome Trinity! Your birth story is a lot like Shawanda's! Sydney was a month early and Shawanda ended up having her the night of her baby shower! When she got to the hospital, she was already 9cm dilated and ready to push! No meds or anything and the doc barely made it in time! LOL!

    1. Thanks honey! Another friend of mine had a similar experience! I'm glad that it wasn't a long labor and that I wasn't confined to a hospital bed! It's amazing what our bodies are built to do!


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