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Hellloooo Third Trimester!

My little kick-boxer greets you all with a swift kick to mommy's gut!

But the kicks aren't painful...yet. They are definitely getting stronger though. Today I had my Glucose test done with this tasty concoction.

It wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem. It really tasted like a super sweet flat as hell orange soda. And the bottle was tiny. They served it up cold and I'm guessing that helped a lot. I couldn't chug it like I thought I was gonna be able to, but I finished it like a minute. Beware of the sugar rush! OMG I was on cloud 18! Results next visit. I made a mental note to check the box next to NO MEDICAL STUDENTS. I'm all for people getting into the medical field but this girl was shaking so bad when she tried to take my blood I had to tell her to regroup. She was lucky I let her stick me.

I also had the pleasure of taking a 24 hour urine sample. Fun. Especially since I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday. So I carted around my big red BIO-HAZARD jug everywhere I went. I had to keep it in a cooler on ice because the container has to stay refrigerated. When they gave me the jug at my last appointment I looked at them and laughed because I thought I would need two. Not the case. (Sorry for TMI). I had to perform this test because I have high blood pressure and they need to make sure my kidneys are still functioning properly. This has been a joyous high-risk pregnancy! I almost karate chopped the nurse because she said I didn't do a full 24 hours and I would have to redo it...I started at 8:14 am one day and finished at 6:20 am the following day. I told her that if she needed some more she could just take it out of the sample they just forced me to give collected.

Truth be told, my pregnancy was rough in the beginning months. But just knowing all the crap that can potentially go wrong is scary. So adding that I am high risk for multiple reasons is just plain terrifying. But so far we are doing well and I'm keeping my blood pressure under control. I finally gained a few pounds, which my doctor was happy to see. At my last appointment, I had gained a total of 1 pound in 6 months. I told them that wasn't true because I initially lost a bunch of weight...but since I wasn't supposed to lose that anyway (especially since I wasn't vomiting), they told me that didn't count. So in the past four weeks I gained 5 pounds.

Speaking of my doctor, she's leaving the practice and I'm sad about it. I really love her. I asked a few of the nurses what they did to her to make her leave and nobody could give me an answer...but she is leaving and hasn't found another practice and that seems fishy to me. I don't think she should be able to leave until all of her current patients have had their babies. Just my thoughts lol. So now I have to go through the joy of picking one of the other doctors in the practice. I want her (insert pout).

Realizing that there could be so many other issues, I thank God that so far everything has been good with me and Baby Magic. I just had to learn how to get through the rough patches--physical and mental.

As I enter this last trimester, I grow more excited to meet my baby girl. I dream about her almost every night and wonder what she will be like. I pray that she doesn't hold it against me that I will be raising her without her father, and that she understands that choice was his and not mine. I am eternally grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people that give me so much support and encouragement that I don't need therapy (yet).
My friend Crystal and I at a program at work yesterday...27 weeks :)
Hugs and Kisses!


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