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There's a Party in the U.S.A.

Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that I absolutely LOVE to travel. I was sitting at work thinking about some of the trips I've taken and all of funners times that have been had. I'm so excited that I now will have the opportunity to take my little bean all around. I hope to give her the childhood that my parents weren't able to give me. The only place I traveled to was Carowinds. Sad. To this day I still haven't been to another amusement park, yet. 9 times out of 10 my little bean and I will have birthdays that are very close...if not on the same day. My estimated due date is August 4th and my birthday is August 5th. I've been selfish in saying that I don't want her to be born on my birthday because I want her to have a day that is all her own. But in reality, as long as she makes it here and is healthy I could care less when it is! She is the best birthday present I could ever ask for and I can't wait to kiss her face! In the spirit of shar

The Cake that Saved the World!

Ok, ok maybe not save the world, but it can brighten up almost anybody's day! I'm a little late with this post, but this is a story that needs to be told. I've made this cake twice. And both times it was a hit. And both times it took FOREVER to make, but the end result--rich, chocolate goodness-- was well worth it! Mother's Day I told my mom that I was a little strapped for cash but I would make whatever dessert she wanted me to make. I thought the lady was going to say Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Nope. She wanted this chocolate cake. I try to keep the promises that I make to people. Especially my mother. You only get one, right? My plan was to make the cake (or at least start it) the day before. But I was tired and didn't get going until the morning of. The first time I made this cake was for my brother's memorial last year. I wanted to make something that would make everyone OOOHHH and AAAHHH. And it did. I made this along with Lincoln's Red Velvet Ch

I Cried In Front Of People!

Ok, so it wasn't one of those long, ugly, dramatic cries, but I shed some tears. Usually I keep my emotions confined to the walls of my house so this was new for me! My lovely coworkers (who I also call my friends because they are the bomb like that) hosted my first baby shower this past weekend. It was really hard for me to stay in my lane and just let them do it. I'm so used to being a member of the planning committee. But I let go and let them have full control! I was so surprised when I got there. I had no idea what the theme was. They chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar  by Eric Carle! It was so awesome and like nothing I had ever seen before! You've all read the book right? When I walked in, I wanted to cry. But held it in trying not to look too much like a wuss. It was the most amazing time! Me and My Fabulous Hostesses! Notice the balloons look like the caterpillar! There was this DIY Onesie station and Amy in all of her fabulousness ordered The Ver

Make Your Surfaces Happy! And a Giveaway!

Soft Scrub sent me another product to review...yes, they love me! This time they sent me a new product - Soft Scrub Mold & Mildew Remover Gel. Imagine me searching high and low for a spot of mold or mildew only to find NONE (thank goodness)! But in a moment of not experiencing pregnancy brain, something said READ THE BOTTLE. It's not just for mold and/or mildew. It can be used on any stain (DUH).  So I thought it a good idea to try to tackle my walk-in shower. This shower has responded to NOTHING I've used since moving in the house. I. Mean. Nothing. You would think that straight bleach would clean anything. Not the case. I was almost at the point of trying something very drastic that I saw on Pinterest, but I have to be careful of fumes and using unconventional products.  So I took to the shower and sprayed it down with this stuff. I let it sit for a few minutes. You know how most products that contain bleach burn your nose hairs off? This didn't do that so mu

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care and a Giveaway!

Cleaning the toilet is a dirty job...but someone has to do it! I was sent a new bathroom product to test. Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care. It boasts being the only toilet bowl rim hanger that: Cleans toilets, prevents future buildups, fights toilet ring, and freshens for up to 4 weeks. It is available in two scents-- Alpine Fresh (with bleach) or Sapphire Waters (fragrance without bleach). I was sent the Alpine Fresh. I'm not familiar with other rim hangers...I just clean the toilet with a brush, toilet cleaner and some elbow grease. I didn't take pictures of my own of this product because I feel some kind of way about bathroom pictures...a little too personal for me. LOL I will warn you that you probably should not trust the nose of a pregnant woman. So there's that disclaimer. Before I even opened the package I didn't like the smell. I had to decide which of my 3 toilet bowls would be the test site. I chose the master because it is the one most frequently used.

Happy Tastebuds!

Recently one of my coworkers did me a HUGE favor in driving something to my house. She went out of her way and it was pretty late at night. I greatly appreciated it. And all she wanted was some meatloaf. Sweetest thing. It took a few weeks for me 1. get in the mood to eat meatloaf and 2. actually put forth the energy to make it. My mom says I'm lazy. I say I'm pregnant! She doesn't really say my face anyway but I can read it all in her tone when she calls me and asks what I'm doing. If it's after a long day's work, I usually reply "laying down on the couch." Anywho, so darling Amber got lucky. I didn't make my usual recipe because I didn't really want that. Instead I took to Pinterest and searched for something a little different. What I came across was simply remarkable. Honestly, I always call people to eat meatloaf when I cook it because otherwise it will get chopped and frozen. Not that I'm opposed to that either (making a men

Hellloooo Third Trimester!

My little kick-boxer greets you all with a swift kick to mommy's gut! But the kicks aren't painful...yet. They are definitely getting stronger though. Today I had my Glucose test done with this tasty concoction. It wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem. It really tasted like a super sweet flat as hell orange soda. And the bottle was tiny. They served it up cold and I'm guessing that helped a lot. I couldn't chug it like I thought I was gonna be able to, but I finished it like a minute. Beware of the sugar rush! OMG I was on cloud 18! Results next visit. I made a mental note to check the box next to NO MEDICAL STUDENTS. I'm all for people getting into the medical field but this girl was shaking so bad when she tried to take my blood I had to tell her to regroup. She was lucky I let her stick me. I also had the pleasure of taking a 24 hour urine sample. Fun. Especially since I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday. So I carted around my big red BIO-HAZARD j