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Wobble Baby, Wobble Baby!

23 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

And today was the first time I "wobbled" and not in the sense of the line dance! In talking with people that have carried a child, some are like "Girllll by the time I was five months I was waddling like a duck!" I wondered when it would start. It may have started earlier and I just didn't notice it. But today, I definitely noticed because I was walking next to someone and almost bumped them!

It is hard work growing a baby! Although now I am enjoying my pregnancy, it has been a struggle! I seem to reach limits rather standing, sitting or laying in one position too long. And now I have to go and buy a footstool. I thought I would only need it if my feet/ankles became swollen, but that is not the case. My feet seem to want to put themselves in an elevated position without me even thinking about it. I have listened to EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY has told me, but every person is different (some of you mommas seem to forget that). The fact that your mother/sister/cousin had a symptom doesn't necessarily mean that you will have the same symptoms/problems.

What have I learned? The most important thing is listen to your body. If you feel tired, get some rest! Don't push yourself too hard because someone thinks you're being lazy. For real. Drink water! There will come a time that you will have a thirst that it seems like you just can't quench. Drink up! Most of my ailments were remedied by just drinking enough water. When you think you've had enough, drink some more!

Fabulous bathroom shot from last week LOL

If you remember, in this previous post, I told you about when I had surgery on my stomach to repair a few issues I had been having. I didn't know that the procedure (Nissen Fundoplication) was such a common procedure. Personally, I had never heard about it until I needed to have it done. I've talked to several people that are either scheduled to have it or recently had it done. Some of them have asked how the pregnancy has been so far so I just wanted to give what my experience has been.

Months 1-3.5 
NAUSEA FROM HELL! Being that the surgery itself prevents anything that goes down from coming back up...this was the absolute worst. Not being able to throw up when my body absolutely needed to was pure hell. I found out I was pregnant at three weeks. My nausea started at four weeks. My first doctor's appointment wasn't until seven weeks. This was a different kind of nausea. I felt so sick that I didn't want to get out of the bed. Staying curled up in the fetal position was my saving grace. That and ginger, ginger ale and saltine crackers. I tried my best to tough it out until I made it to the doctor for the first time. I even tried those nausea wrist bands. They did nothing for me. I was prescribed Zofran and let me tell you, that stuff is heaven sent! There were a few times that my body refused to acknowledge that I had this surgery done. This made me feel like death warmed over. There were these horrid heaving spells that produced nothing but an onslaught of saliva and belly contractions. If I recall correctly, I had 3 of these episodes in the first three and a half months. One was enough to make me say I'm never getting pregnant again. But given the proper circumstances, I will.

The lack of energy was also the pits. I would fall asleep standing up sometimes and not even realize I was asleep. My mom told me that I'm going to have the sleepiest baby EVER lol. A few people made me feel bad like I was being lazy. But that wasn't it. I mean I get up and go to work AND I was (still am) trying to get settled into my new house. That on top of growing a new life IS WORK! It didn't take long for me to start ignoring them. I just took my sleepy butt home and went to bed. Usually around 8:15pm.

Months 3.5-5.5
My nausea stopped around week 15. This was also the same time that my energy started to pick up. Like POOF it was magic. And I was relieved. However, since the nausea was so bad, I lost 17 pounds. My doctor was not happy with this. At. All. She told me to drink protein shakes, which I equally hated. As much as I love to cook, in the first 4 months, if I cooked meat, I couldn't eat it. So I spent a ton of money eating out several times a day. No sweets. Nothing fried. Nothing covered in sauce. The sight of anything saucy turned my stomach. I'm still not such a fan of barbecue sauce. In week 21 my sweet tooth kicked in overtime. My appetite showed back up too. Only thing with that- I will take a few bites and feel like I'm stuffed and don't want to eat anymore. I imagine this will only get worse as everything continues to shift up in my abdomen. I have to make myself eat to make sure I'm getting the proper nutrients. The linea nigra (Latin for black line) that becomes very visible on your tummy during pregnancy has been affected by the surgery as well. It's crooked...because of the incisions. I have never been self conscious of the scars. I just accept them as a part of who I am. I was talking to some friends about taking maternity pictures and I told them that I hated they were so ugly. They suggested that I cover them with makeup. But nah. I think they bother other people more than they bother me.

So far I have had ZERO HEARTBURN. I'm sure this is because I have had the surgery. Now that, I can truly appreciate. I have read that some women have had to get the surgery redone because it comes undone with pregnancy. I pray to God that this does not happen to me!

It seems as though I have had every issue that pregnancy brings though. Nausea, stuffy nose, constipation (Lord have mercy!), achy boobs, nose bleeds...and so on lol. Right now my hands tingle and I'm hoping I don't get pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. The first four months were the worst because it seemed like every week something else was ailing me and I just couldn't get it together. I think that could be partly attributed to stress though. I had to learn to get that under control.

So here is a not so brief rundown of what the first 5.5 months have been like. I will keep you updated as we progress. So far, mommy and baby are healthy and doing well. Please pray that this continues!

Until next time,
Chocolate Kisses MUAH!


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