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NBA All-Star Weekend Houston Edition

Houston ROCK-IT!!!

Hey guys and gals!! So this past weekend was All Star Weekend and the festivities were held in Houston. I just so happened to owe my sister and brother-in-law a visit so why not go for this?! Right?! So me, the bestie and my younger sister packed up and headed down. We actually got really good ticket prices to fly down so that just added to the excitement...and off we went

Only on the drive to the airport in Florence, SC, we got a call that the flight had been cancelled and had to turn around to fly out of Columbia. That wasn't a big deal since it meant that we wouldn't have to drive far upon returning.

When we got the airport and boarded the plane we didn't get/weren't given plane-side valet tickets. This was only a problem for me though. Once we landed in Charlotte, they held my bag hostage. Caused me to almost miss my connecting flight (still without my bag) AND I had an asthma attack when I got on the plane. And my inhaler was in the "missing" bag. Lucky me. There was a whole ordeal and now almost a week later I still don't have my belongings.

But that's not what I wanted to tell you guys about. The city was insane! We didn't do any parties, and I think that was mostly because I wasn't into it and they didn't want to leave me out. I feel bad about that because I think my sister wanted to do at least one day party. I told them to leave me and I wouldn't have any hard feelings...but I don't think they believed me!

I LOVE Houston. There is always so much to do. Even though my main interest is always food :). We did make it to the Rising Stars Challenge. It was only exciting toward the end when ankles were being broken and we had a few encounters with celebrities. Speaking of, Keyshia Cole hurt my feelings by coming out with her hair looking a hot mess. But she was cool and took pictures with the crowd. Wale (my boo) apparently had the munchies and crushed a bucket of popcorn in less than five minutes lol. It was entertaining to watch him. Kevin Durant made me want to wrap myself around one of his calves...and if I had gotten close enough I probably would have!

The Galleria was SHUT DOWN because there were just too many people and nobody was really shopping. It was a come see and be seen kind of thing. I didn't hear of any craziness...but who knows what happened!

In the greedy spirit of my blog, I must share with you the food that was consumed. I can tell you restaurant names but please don't make me lie about the names of the dishes LOL.

Wings n Grits @ Breakfast Klub

Wings n Waffle @ Breakfast Klub

Just might be the best pickle I've ever had! @ Katz

Yummy deliciousness @ Escalante's

Appetizers @ Pappadeaux

1/2 of a Cobb Salad @ Pappadeaux

Pappadeaux Seafood Platter
What did you do with your weekend? I'm hoping that eventually I can recover my bag or some money! I'm trying not to let it bother me too much, but some of that stuff has sentimental value and I would like to have it back.

Anywho, overall it was a great trip and my sister and brother-in-law are always very accommodating. I can't wait until the next adventure!!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to come back and bring a friend!!



  1. Miss you guys already! I had a great time! Where are the kolaches?

    1. I didn't have any pictures of the kolaches and I didn't bring any home...maybe you should send me some LOL...or maybe I should try to make some...hmmm


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