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Everyone LOVES the Tropics!

Giveaway time!!! After a long day at work...and I do mean long. I barely stopped to eat lunch. I was on the way home and trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner. Nothing I passed inspired me much. Then I remembered that Post sent me a box of cereal test out for them. I got excited. All I could remember was that it was something TROPICAL. My mouth began to water with anticipation. And remember I'm the girl that swore off cereal a long time ago, but I was soooo excited to go home and try these cereal. The excitement probably came mostly from the fact that I wouldn't have to spend any money AND I wouldn't have to cook. So once I got home and got settled enough to pour up a BIG bowl...I reached for the box. Only to discover that I couldn't have this for dinner as I had anticipated. See, I'm allergic to coconut. Boo Hoo. How did I miss that this cereal had coconut in it?! So I ended up eating a bowl of soup. (Insert dramatic sigh here.) They seem

NBA All-Star Weekend Houston Edition

Houston ROCK-IT!!! Hey guys and gals!! So this past weekend was All Star Weekend and the festivities were held in Houston. I just so happened to owe my sister and brother-in-law a visit so why not go for this?! Right?! So me, the bestie and my younger sister packed up and headed down. We actually got really good ticket prices to fly down so that just added to the excitement...and off we went Only on the drive to the airport in Florence, SC, we got a call that the flight had been cancelled and had to turn around to fly out of Columbia. That wasn't a big deal since it meant that we wouldn't have to drive far upon returning. When we got the airport and boarded the plane we didn't get/weren't given plane-side valet tickets. This was only a problem for me though. Once we landed in Charlotte, they held my bag hostage. Caused me to almost miss my connecting flight (still without my bag) AND I had an asthma attack when I got on the plane. And my inhaler was in the &q

Beyonce's Concert!

Hey y'all!! Did everyone enjoy the "Big Game?" I did...mostly I enjoyed Beyonce's performance! I think the funniest thing I saw was on Facebook...actually two things, posted by the same person. My homie Staggs. This... Hilarious!!! And then the nut had the nerve to post "I hope Beyonce wins the Super Bowl!" I love this girl! Unfortunately for me, I was sick and had to confine myself to my couch. I didn't even get to eat any snacks! Bummer. Total. But I saw Bey put on a hell of a show...She could have missed me with the DC reunion though. I thought that was less than spectacular. But that's just my personal opinion. I'm totally amped for the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" even though I don't think I'm going to be able to make it when she comes to Charlotte :(. But I know there will be a DVD with my name on it! Will she be in a city near you? Check here . How did you guys celebrate? Any good snac