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Borax!! And a GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey guys!! Here is another awesome opportunity for you to WIN!! I love being able to share fabulous products with my readers and I appreciate that you are still my readers! With that being said, I have another GIVEAWAY and an an opportunity for you to WIN cash and prizes! So, Borax...I'm sure you have all heard of it in some kind of way. A friend of mine visited me recently and saw the box sitting on the table and asked "Isn't this the stuff to kill rats?" In another form yes! Borax has many terrific uses around the house. Below is a list of uses that I have gathered from various sources just so you know how MAGICAL this stuff is! These are in addition to being a natural laundry detergent booster! Borax softens hard water and allows your detergent to work at it's full capacity. I know awesome! Have you ever used Borax? If so, I would love to know the ways that you have used it! Cleaning Window and Mirrors:  Dissolve 2 T. Borax in 3 C. water. Dip spong


Or maybe I am! Have you ever had a holiday that you just wanted to spend ALONE? Well, that was me New Year's Eve. Oh, Happy New Year! I wasn't sad or depressed - as my mom suggested I must have been to not want to spend it with family. I'm usually in church, but sometimes I party. This year --or last year-- I was exhausted and just wanted to stay home. My mom's boo wanted otherwise. Apparently every year he has a little drop in so that he can see all of his loved ones.  This year I just was not in the mood. For anything. But of course I got guilt tripped into coming out. So to my mom's house I went, with the bestie Miko in tow. It was also requested that I bring a dish. Specifically, a cheese ball. I'm no stranger to cheese balls and they are fairly easy to make so I complied. But instead of just doing the basic ham and pineapple like I usually do, I wanted to jazz it up a bit. This was a new year after all :). So off to Pinterest I went in search