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That's What Friends Are For!!

It's been pretty hectic and I don't see it getting any easier until after the New Year. Along with myself, I have 3 other friends that have recently moved or will be moving soon. The awesomeness that lives in some of my coworkers recently showed itself. I love awesomeness! One of my dear friends, is also a coworker. So one of our other coworkers noticed that we have been super stressed with the moving process and so on, so she invited us to her home for dinner. Y'all know I am not one to pass up a meal! I was super excited for this one because our Friend/Coworker is Indian and was making us a traditional Indian spread! (insert mouth water). So off we went to Mona's. We got there and I met her fabulous children (3) and all night I kept saying "I gotta get a kid!" That's truly how unique and amazing her children are. We started off with appetizers of Samosas, Hummus and Mango Lassi. YUM! So then it was the main courses, Curry Fish, Cucumber Ra

Chillin' Out

Because Life's Been A Little Crazy! Hey y'all! I feel like I've been caught in that tornado from the Wizard of Oz and transported to some alternate universe where my life is not my own. To say my days have been crazy is an understatement. But I'm really trying to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! See, it took me a while to get to the "CARRY ON!" LOL I still have YET to move out of my cozy bachelorette pad...although it's mostly packed up and my mattresses now reside on the bedroom floor. All of that will change this weekend though (hopefully). I fully plan to empty the place out...although my storage unit is already does anybody have a garage I could borrow for a few weeks? I'll make you cookies! I'm. Dead. Serious. But! On a much brighter side, the closing date is a mere 3 weeks minus a day away...and I FOUND A HOUSE! Not news to some of you because I have found a plenty houses...but this one is under contract! I don'

Purex With Oxi Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY!!! Hey guys! As some of you know, I have been packing and preparing to sale my house and live out of a storage unit until I find another the meantime, I have a Purex giveaway (YAY). I'm going to do this contest a little differently. First of all, Purex is my detergent of choice...and not because I'm always getting free samples! LOL I have really sensitive skin and even some of the sensitive skin detergents irritate my skin...Purex does not! I love this fact...and the fact that it's not so expensive like OTHER brands. In comes Purex with Oxi Usually I use baking soda and white vinegar along with my detergent to "boost" the cleaning and soften the fabric. I skipped that step with this and my clothes were just as clean...and they have been extra dirty lately. Mainly because I'm a klutz...I drained the water heater (which is in the attic) and upon bringing the wet/dry vac down the attic stairs (attic access is in my closet) I managed