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Not For The Faint Of Heart-Soft Scrub Giveaway

Depending on how long you have been a fan of Chocolate Kisses, you probably already know that I sometimes receive products to test and sometimes I hold giveaways for these products. This is one of these such times! I am always excited to try something new and I love that I can share the fabulous stuff with my readers! So, about my latest item...Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner... Listen, I really do try to keep my house as clean as I can. I'm always having people stop by (unannounced mostly) and I hate being caught slipping! So when I tell you that this kind of surprised me I am telling you the truth! I got this product to try a couple weeks ago and I'm just getting around to it because I was trying to use up some other cleansers that I already had. I DO NOT have pictures to post because I just couldn't post them and be subject to your judgement! LOL So I've been packing my house up room by room. Ok it's not that big of a house, but I have a lot of stuff

Kangols and Shell Toes...Hip-Hop

An Ode to Hip-Hop When I think of Hip Hop, a lot of things come to mind...Kangols and Shell toes, beatboxing, LL Cool J circa 1988, and gold teeth (yes these are mine) remind me of the old Hip-Hip...and this song Love Of My Life from the movie soundtrack of Brown Sugar. Don't you just love that movie?! But of course Hip-Hop has evolved. People are no longer break dancing in the streets on broken down cardboard boxes. No more wearing humongous rope necklaces and carrying boom boxes. Even though all of that has changed, HIP-HOP IS NOT DEAD! Hip-Hop...what is it? A culture. Directly associated with rap music and fashion of the urban community. Since it's origin in the 1970's, the culture of Hip-Hop has become heavily commercialized and is no longer an underground culture. The New Hip-Hop...Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Wale, Kanye West, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas...I could go on and on. Movies like Notorious, 8 Mile, Hustle & Flow...the collections are

Ants Be Gone...Maybe? And a Giveaway!

As a fabulous blogger, I am afforded with many opportunities to test and write reviews for products. And I love that aspect of blogging. I think the people need to know the truth! So here I am to deliver to you my truth. Products of the day Combat Source Kill MAX   Now when I originally got sequestered (is that the right word?) to do this review I saw ants. Since receiving the kit in the mail...things changed. I guess all the rain we were getting washed the ants away! I even planted an open, licked lollipop to see if they would swarm! They didn't swarm! So that left me to ask around if somebody else had issues with ants. Apparently every body's ants got washed away! I did use the gel in hopes that these earwigs that always find a way into my house would eat it, take back home, and die. Has it worked? Not for the earwigs. They still find their way in. So here is what I can tell you... As far as the gel goes, I was really expecting more to be in that
Lazy, Bum. I'm having way too many lazy moments. In fact, for this meal I opened the fridge and almost started crying because I wanted to go to sleep. But I was hungry, as I usually am by the time I get home from work. With no prior planning, I eyeballed a Marie Callender Turkey Pot Pie. I absolutely did not want that. Nor did I want to wait 45 minutes for it to cook in the oven. Ok game on. What do I have? I had some tilapia and this little Fresh Takes deal that I picked up on my last trip to the grocery store. I didn't know how this was going to end up, but it was worth a shot. So I preheated the oven to 375 and threw a bag of long grain and wild rice in the rice cooker. Being that I was less than excited to cook in the first place, I had no expectations of this dish lol. I decided to make it "Special Extra" as the package suggested and dipped the fish in egg before I put it in the bread/cheese mix. First let me tell you that this particular one is

A Labor Day of Love

I LOVES me some holidays! Now I don't go all out and decorate for all of them, but when I get a bigger house I might! Labor Day was last weekend and it usually is a great holiday for two reasons. 1. My mom's birthday is September 3rd and 2. One of my best friend's birthday is September 2nd. It also reminds me of two death anniversaries. One being my oldest brother, Errick and the other being one of the loves of my life, CJ. But instead of crying and being sad I try to think positively. And show those family, friends and loved ones that are still living that I love them. And that is what I tried to do. How do you celebrate birthdays? Is it just on that special day? Or is it an all week (or weekend) affair? Usually our celebrations last all month...and being that this is September, I'm already tired! We kicked off celebrating by going to an All White Party and we had a blast. I must have lost myself because I don't have any pictures of my crew! We were some

A Tasty Little Surprise

Bonjour! You ever have one of those days where you absolutely do not want to cook? You've been working all day and you don't need to spend money eating out but your body just doesn't want to cooperate in the kitchen? I have been having a lot of those days lately! Quick fix meals have been my go-to. And no I'm not talking Hamburger Helper! One day right before it was time for me to clock out my stomach growled ferociously. But I had been eating out so much that I absolutely refused to buy food when I had a fully stocked fridge. So I bypassed all restaurants and stores and went home to figure something out for dinner. Honestly, I salute parents and people that have to ensure that other folks get a meal. I don't know if I could do it every day! I just don't know! And as much as I love cooking, these have been the busiest last few weeks on the work-front. Most days I just want to go home and crash. So hats off to you parents/husbands/wives that do it.