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My Meatloaf Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

Everybody loves meatloaf right?! Wrong. There are way too many people that frown up at the mere mention of a loaf of meat. Me on the other hand, I've always loved meatloaf...when properly cooked. Most of the people that don't like meatloaf probably had a really bad childhood experience where their parents forced them to eat a crunchy meatloaf that tasted like it was made from dog food. Sound familiar? One of my best friends refused to eat meatloaf. Until we were roommates. I convinced her that my meatloaf would change her mind and remove the scars that her mother had planted (Shout out to Sandra) LOL. I'm sure I had to offer to pay for a meal if she didn't like the meatloaf, but I don't remember. Nonetheless, she liked it and today she even makes her own meatloaf! A few of my friends and associates have offered to pay me to guide them through cooking various meals. Until we can schedule those classes, I say read my blog and try the recipes. If you can't succ

Dinner and a Movie

Bonjour!!! Good day folks! The more I talk about August, it seems the crazier it gets. I had the great pleasure of suffering from Strep and a Sinus Infection simultaneously. Lucky me! I'm better...sinuses still acting up but I think that is due to the weather changing (finally). I hope we actually have a Winter in South Carolina this year! By now everyone should have had a chance to go and see Sparkle right?! I was lucky enough to score free passes...which in this day and age, are always welcome. The price of going to the movies is ridiculous and I often find myself getting up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturdays to make it to a $5 showing. I ain't playing y'all. So I got to check it out the Wednesday before it actually opened. I still have yet to see the original, but I have requested it at my local library. Anywho, I love Whitney Houston and I thought she was phenomenal in this remake! She looked so healthy and strong. It still saddens me that she is gone. W

29 Years of FABULOUS!

HEEYYYY READERS! I know I have been on a major hiatus, but I'm back! I missed you guys!!! So my birthday was this past Sunday and I still don't think I'm fully recovered! If you missed my birthday freebie post from last year, check it out here . Not much from the list has changed, but some restaurants do a buy one get one deal now. The only regret I have is gaining four pounds from the massive eating of free food and birthday cake! My sister and brother-in-law came home from Houston and that was the greatest gift I could ever ask for! But it got better!!! Friday night, my crew all got together at Caprioska  and rocked out and we had a ball!!! So after not even recuperating from the previous night, at 5pm the next day, while I was still laying in bed, I was told that I needed to be dressed and ready to go by 7:45...and for the first time in 29 years, my friends and family managed to surprise me!! Typically, I hate surprises because they usually are way off bas