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Let the People Eat RIBS!!!

Last week, the week after the Fourth of July, I had a serious hankering for some ribs. And guess what? All of the BBQ places were on vacation! I felt betrayed and my feelings were really hurt. So I went on a hunt to find  a recipe so I could cook my own ribs. And I found one. "Smack Yo Mama Ribs" to be precise. Who could resist a recipe with a name like that?! Well her title for them is actually "Smack Yo Mama Finger Lickin Grand Marnier BBQ Pork Ribs." What a name! I've cooked ribs at home before, but never do they turn out like restaurant ribs. And given the fact that snakes are in love with my neighborhood right now, I'm not cooking on the grill. Matter of fact, I'm not even going in the backyard! So this was perfect! I didn't have a chance to try out the recipe last week, but I made the ribs yesterday for dinner. Let me tell you...I would never dream of slapping my mom...well maybe I would dream of it but I would never actually do it! LMBO!

How Sweet It Is...

To be loved by you!!! Let me just start of by saying...I love my friends. Truly and dearly. This past Monday, I was supposed to cook for a guy friend, but somethings came up and we had to reschedule. Meanwhile, I still had to cook...well, because I still have to eat. I had gone back and forth on my Facebook and Twitter pages about what to cook and of course I didn't end up cooking anything close to what I said I was going to make. My friends, knowing me apparently a little too much, decided to pop on over for dinner. I ended up cooking some stewed chicken breast concoction that I didn't have a recipe for...but it worked out in my favor. And I didn't take a picture of the actual dish...I'm slacking! But it was some thinly sliced chicken breast that had been sauteed with pearl onions, tri-colored bell peppers and baby bella mushrooms with some spices. But it was covered in this gravy that I got from Betty Crocker's website. I didn't follow the chicken instr

Dating and Waiting

As little girls we tend to believe that our love lives will be a  fairy tale and Prince Charming will ride up on a noble steed and save us from all our troubles. As lovely as that would be, it very seldom happens. For those of you that are in love and work to stay in love, I salute you! For those of us that are dealing with the ups and downs of dating, I urge you to not give up. Love takes work. Relationships take work. Marriage is a contractual business arrangement and it too takes work. It takes time to meet and get to know someone that you are truly compatible with. Being in this dating game, I am the first to admit that it is HARD! I think in the past year I have been on more dates than ever and I can't say that any of them will lead to anything, but I am hopeful and still dating and waiting. There are always obstacles. Some are too great to overcome, others not so much. Knowing what you are willing to work with and what doesn't work for beforehand is extremely helpful.