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Dry Idea GIVEAWAY!!!

The makers of Dry Idea sent me some deodorant to test. I was a little skeptical because they sent me a roll on. I haven't used a roll on ever. When I got the package in the mail I flashed back to the days of Tussy when you had to dip and rub. Don't make me seem crazy, I know y'all remember Tussy!!! LOL So I decided to give it a try. I was a little nervous because of the timing of my "trial run." I was on the way to the club. I was nervous that I would 1. have this runny residue on my dress and 2. that it would not last. And I would be the girl in the club smelling like onions. Much to my satisfaction, neither occurred! It felt nasty going on but it dried quickly. I have this thing about textures and it may not weird anybody else on the planet out, but I had to hold my arms above my head so I didn't totally spazz! Like my bio says, I'm weird! So all in all, it's a great product. It didn't leave that build-up

Puerto Rico HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I am officially declaring June as a month of madness...and it's not even over yet!!! The month has been busy, but a good busy. A group of my gal pals and I ventured to Puerto Rico and man, it was...simply beautiful. It started with a little hiccup...well a big hiccup. I left my purse in Columbia and did not realize it until I got to Atlanta! I didn't think I would make it to PR that day, but by the grace of God I did! And met some pretty awesome people while delayed! We just so happened to be in Condado during their Culinary Festival...and you know that was perfect for me! Food, dancing and drinks...all in the street!! Welcome drink! The bestie and I dancing in the street Beautiful people, beautiful beaches, beautiful food...I could go on and on. My only complaint was the heat! Apparently the island's electricity is produced by coal therefore no central air in most places, not even the airport! It was HAWT!!! Oh yeah...everything is SLOOOWWWW. No such thing a