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Restaurant Review - M Fresh

It's been crazy busy in both my work and home life. I don't think I have turned my stove on in the past 2 weeks! Needless to say, today I didn't have lunch. Earlier in the week I survived on leftovers from barbecues that I went to over the Memorial Day holiday. I ate way too much pork and decided I needed to lighten it up a bit today. I work downtown so I have an abundance of options...most of which are only open for breakfast/lunch. I was totally supposed to meet my pal Jennifer for lunch, but again, work was busy and I had no clue what time I would be eating. It ended up being an hour after my normal time. I think she forgot about it anyway... I. Was. Hungry. I decided to venture to a newer restaurant that boasts on being fresh and clean... M Fresh. The restaurant is owned by a lady that owns a few...well quite a few...other restaurants in the area. Her name is Michelle Wang. But she has M Vista, M Cafe, the chain of Miyo's...all super yummy. I actually met her

Giveaway!!! Honey Bunches of Oats!

Let me start this post off by saying, I am not a cereal eater. I have never been a cereal eater. I probably never will be a cereal eater. Now that that's out of the way. I was sent a box of Honey Bunches of Oats to sample. It is a new and improved version and they have added more granola per box. Are you excited?! You should be! :) Honey Bunches of Oats is one of America's most popular cereal. And I must admit, that on the occasion that I eat cereal, it is one of my choices. There are many different flavors to suite an array of taste buds. Now, I hear you asking me..."Why don't you like cereal?" I have always been a grits, bacon and eggs kind of girl. Even when I weighed 110 pounds I preferred a hot meal. Cereal never sticks with me long. So, what's the big difference with the new Honey Bunches of Oats? Contains 10 grams of Whole know that whole grains are good for you right? 6 grams of sugar versus the older Honey Bunches that had 9


So, I previously told you guys that I had to go to Florida for my uncle's funeral, which was held this past Saturday in Avon Park, Florida. The big city of Avon Park. Pun intended. There is seriously nothing there. But we were welcomed with much love. This shirt (sold at Walgreens) says it all. We learned that there are about 100 first cousins, many of whom we never met until this trip. It was an amazingly humbling experience. I even discovered family that lives not far from me and I had never met them. On the drive in, we stopped in Orlando to pick my sister from Houston from the massive Orlando International Airport. After stopping to eat, we decided to fill up...but quickly changed our minds! Gas was 2 bucks cheaper 5 minutes away! Something I don't think I ever really thought about, but learned on this does a pineapple grow? Do you know? Yeah I didn't either, until I saw this plant in my uncle's front yard. Super cool. Yes it was a sad rea

Reasons, Seasons, and Cheesecake!

Have you ever heard that saying, "Everything happens for a reason and some people come for a season?" This was always my mom's response when I had a bad breakup, or something didn't go the way I thought it should have gone. Now that I'm older I can totally appreciate that saying! Somethings are not meant (or built) to last forever and when it is time to go, we have to have the strength to let it go. That may be a relationship, a car, a bad habit...or not so bad habit. I recently had a situation where I was on a roll and moving speedily to get some things done and for whatever reason, God slowed me down. At first I said "why me Lord?" but then I had to remind myself that things don't happen because I want them to happen, they happen in the order that God has set them to happen. So...I had to take that particular situation in stride. Maybe you will hear about it sometime in the future (wink). I was preparing for Mother's Day and there didn'

Life Lessons and Bulgogi

The past two weeks have been tumultuous to say the least. This past week I traveled to Richmond, Virginia to attend an uncle's funeral and this week I will travel to Avon Park, Florida to bury another uncle. We have been dealing with a lot of death as of lately. The expected hurts just as bad as the unexpected. Please keep my family in your prayers. In everything, I try to learn a lesson. The loss of a loved one is painful, but even in death I try to learn from every situation and circumstance. What have I learned? We should live each day to the fullest. For we don't know the day or the hour that our own personal journey will end. Don't forget to say I love you. Treat others how you want to be treated.  Preparation is everything. As painful as it may be to make preparations for your death, it can be quite burdensome and chaotic if you don't take these steps. Write a will. Enjoy life while you have it to live. I got home kind of late last night and didn't

Purex Goodies!!!

Purex and O Magazine! Purex and O Magazine have teamed up to offer an amazing discount on O Magazine ...One year for only $10! I love Oprah and her magazine! Click HERE to get your $10 subscription!!! This promotion ends May 25th so don't delay!   Let's Be Honest! Have you ever had something crazy happen and wish that someone had been around to record it? Or figure something how to remove the hot butter stain that dripped on your shirt while eating crab legs?! Purex's latest campaign, Let's Be Honest, is underway! They have some hilarious videos of stuff that happens to real people! Go to to watch some seriously funny videos and enter to win a year's worth of detergent! GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! I will also be giving away coupons for free detergent from Purex. To enter, leave a comment below and tell me what the toughest stain to get out for you is AND fill out the form

Pound It Out

The past week or so I have been extremely stressed. And one of the absolute worst things you can do when stressed is eat. Well that is my go-to thing. All I have been wanting is sweets. Friday night I wasn't in the mood to bake anything so I settled for some Hershey's mini bars. Saturday I still had a hankering for something sweet and delicious...but I still didn't feel like baking. I think it was because I hadn't had any real sleep in a few days...sleepy food usually does not turn out well with me. I ended up going out for sushi for friend's birthday and they had Fried Cheesecake on the menu. I couldn't pass it up. It was awesome, but Sunday I still woke up feeling like I needed to bake something. Cooking soothes me and this time was no exception. So I flipped through my recipe binder for something and had no idea what I wanted to make. So the next step was to see what I already had on hand so I wouldn't have to spend any money. I had all the ingredients fo